The Legend of Zelda Journey of A Day is a ROM hack, produced by the_icepenguin, of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link which transforms the base game right into an all brand-new endure consisting of a brand-new map and graphics.

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Somepoint that neither the initially Zelda game or the second, which this game is based off of, presented the player via an alternative to play on different obstacles. The hack creator has made a decision to implement and also Easy and also a Hard Setting to appease to as many kind of players as possible. Easy Setting weakens opponents overall and also offers Link a a lot stronger attack as well as more resides. Hard Mode is the precise opposite, containing enemies via boosted AI and that hit a lot harder.
Journey of A Day is the third hack created by the_icepenguin of Zelda II proceeded by his hacks referred to as Zelda II – Part 2 and Zelda II – Part 3. Those hacks were notably even more rprogressed roughly the idea of ramping up the challenge of the base game while in this one the hack creator redirected his attention even more towards crafting an all brand-new adundertaking a lot closer to the balance of the parent game.

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Pretty much eexceptionally aspect of the game has been altered from minor graphical transforms to shade palette, to larger changes prefer practice sprites. Players will not have a difficulty informing that this is not the exact same Zelda II that they are provided to.
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Journey of A Day transforms the gameplay of the base game making it generally more tough, although the hack creator did make a note of attempting to save the game closer to the original games obstacle instead of ssuggest ramping it up as he had done in previous hacks. Players will alert significant transforms to health and also the level-up/endure mechanism which mimics the base game’s yet awards more experience and also calls for much less to level up as a whole.Another significant readjust Journey of A Day makes to the game is the Sword Beam power and also variety which has been considerably boosted regarding make maintaining complete health and wellness much more rewarding.


No new music or sounds were added to this hack though players my notice that songs show up in various areas or on various maps/dungeons.


If you wish to play this game you can downfill the Journey of A Day Rom by clicking right here.

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So is this game worth a try? Journey of A Day toes the line of being a challenge hack through a handful of brand-new obstacles for players that may take some trial and also error to acquire supplied to. Enemies are easy yet at the exact same time punishing and the hack makes Zelda II feel even more favor an RPG than ever before.Sticking to Zelda roots, going right into the game is truly an adendeavor as you attempt to figure out specifically wbelow you have to go and the obstacles alengthy the method will test your skills. While this initial blind floundering have the right to be frustrating, I found myself enjoying this hack because of the obstacle of discovering my opponents and also then correct order in which to progress.Definitely recommended for anyone trying to find a well designed alternate suffer for Zelda II.If you have played this game please let us know what you believed of the game by leaving us a comment.

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