This is a guide to the Side Quest, A Gift for My Beloved, in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here you deserve to discover the pursuit walkthrough, wright here to begin A Gift for My Beloved and also all quest rewards.

How to Start A Gift for My Beloved

A Gift for My Beloved Location

Quest Giver Location
Hateno Village

To start the search, stop through Manny outside the inn in Hateno Village.

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A Gift for My Beloved Walkthrough

Guide Overview


Find out what Prima likes
Gather Restmuch less Crickets
Rerotate to Manny
Talk to Prima
Go inside the inn and ask Prima what she likes.
Go earlier to Manny Rerevolve to Manny and tell him about the crickets. He will then ask you to collect 10 Restless Crickets.

Go exterior the village for Restmuch less Crickets Head to the grasslands close to Hateno Village and also begin collecting crickets. You have the right to discover Restless Crickets by cutting the tall grass and picking them up prior to they escape.

Return to Manny

Rerevolve to Manny Rerotate to Manny and also give him the crickets. He will give you a Silver Rupee in return and finish the side pursuit.

A Gift for My Beloved Quest Rewards


Manny will provide you a Silver Rupee after returning to him via the Restless Crickets.

Adendeavor Log Entries

This is a complete list of the Adventure Log entries for A Gift for My Beloved.

Enattempt Entry Text
Quest Start A frifinish of Manny"s wants even more than anything to capture the eye of Prima, owner of Ton Pu Inn. All you have to execute is ask Prima what she loves many.
1st Update Prima said her dream is to have actually a repertoire of 100 restless crickets. You have to break the news to Manny.
second Update Upon learning that Prima"s dream is to have a arsenal of 100 restless crickets, Manny enlisted your help as a bug catcher. Start by collecting 10 restless crickets and bringing them to Manny.
Quest Clear You ceded the 10 restless crickets to Manny and also got a reward.

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He confessed that he was the one who wanted to catch Prima"s eye. His setup currently is to find the various other 90 restmuch less crickets on his own and also existing them to Prima once he asks her out on a day.It appears you"re off the hook...

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