Zac Efron may have gained his start in Disney Channel"s High School Musical, however he"s gone on to great thing since– past kissing his female costars.

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Zac Efron has actually kissed all 15 of the womales on this list in movie duties over the years! How crazy is that? Aside from kissing a bunch of beautiful actresses, Zac Efron has actually prcooktop himself to be exceptional in the Hollylumber spotlight. He may have obtained his begin on the Disney Channel via the High School Musical movie franchise, but he has done the majority of good things since then. 

Some of Zac Efron"s movie roles have been bigger than others however for the many part, eincredibly movie he has liked to be component of has turned out pretty great. Whether his movies are around music, romance, friendship, the military, race auto driving, or somepoint else, he is pretty incredible and his female costars deserve to agree.

15 Vanessa Hudgens Starred In ‘High School Musical’ With Zac Efron

Vanessa Hudgens debated what it was like starring in the HSM movies with Zac Efron while also dating him. She sassist, "I remember one time we did have actually a fight, and also it was while we were at rehearsals, and also I remember Kenny Ortega coming about the edge with the the majority of concerned look on his face favor, "Oh no, is our movie going to loss acomponent best now?’ I pride myself on being a skilled, so I was favor, that aside, we are going to relocate forward and also perform what we need to perform...and we sorted it all out. I think bereason I was so young, I think that connection stabilized me." (Elle.) 

14 Taylor Schilling Starred In ‘The Lucky One’ With Zac Efron

Taylor Schilling gushed over Zac Efron saying, “I really obtained to recognize Zac once I tested for this film with him and he was just such an incredibly charming, down-to-earth guy... he made me so comfortable at that test, and he was so generous and also so wonderful, and also was additionally so interested in the occupational. He was so engaged in the scenes and also was so great. So excellent. So talented. It"s just been wonderful to job-related through someone I really feel has actually my earlier as a scene companion. There"s some really fragile stuff in this movie, and I feel favor I can trust Zac through anything I acquired. He"s a distinct guy, a great male.” (Popsugar.)

13 Alexandra Daddario Starred In ‘Baywatch’ With Zac Efron

When asked about her Baywatch costar, Alexandra Daddario said, “We’re incredibly good friends. Zac and also I’ve worked together, and also we’re exceptionally excellent friends.” At another appearance, she shelp, "We job-related together closely; he"s my love interemainder in the film. I understand also why civilization would certainly go crazy over something like that, however Zac and I are incredibly excellent friends." 

12 Zendaya Starred In ‘The Greatest Showman’ With Zac Efron

Zendaya kissed Zac Efron for The Greatest Showman and also then sassist, “It’s not a normal kiss. This kiss is very special not simply bereason it’s two actors kissing. These 2 personalities have gone through so much and also this kiss symbolizes a lot even more than just kissing someone. In the conmessage of the movie, it’s brave and honestly dangerous. There’s somepoint special about it in that method.” (In Format.)

11 Lily Collins Starred In ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile’ With Zac Efron

During a red carpet intercheck out, Lily Collins was asked about functioning through Zac Efron. She responded saying, “He’s so fun, he’s so lovely. He’s kind to everyone. He’s a goofball fifty percent the moment and also we constantly had actually such a great time! This was an exciting movie for both of us. It"s in a means that you’ve never seen him prior to.” 

10 Ashley Tisdale Starred In ‘High School Musical’ With Zac Efron

Ashley Tisdale finished up referring to Zac Efron as a brvarious other when she revealed her leastern favorite onscreen kiss. They never had actually to share a kiss throughout their time starring in the High School Musical movie franchise yet they did once Zac Efron did a guest appearance on Suite Life of Zack & Cody. The kiss was as well awkward for her liking given that they have a sibling-style partnership.

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9 Chloë Grace Moretz Starred In ‘Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising’ With Zac Efron

According to Movie Fone, Chloë Grace Moretz talked around Zac Efron saying that he is a super kind male and also that no one really asks around his personality… the majority of likely because the majority of world are so came to around his physical looks and also exterior appearance! They seemed to acquire alengthy really well on the set of the hilarious comedy that also stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. 

8 Michelle Trachtenberg Starred In ‘17 Again’ With Zac Efron

Michelle Trachtenberg revealed in an MTV intersee that also though she and Zac Efron have a brother/sister vibe going on, she still finds him dreamy! In 17 Again, we watched her character fall for his character without realizing that he was actually her very own father in a much younger body!

7 Emily Ratajkowski Starred In ‘We Are Your Friends’ With Zac Efron

According to Daily Motion, Emily Ratajkowski only had actually positive things to say around Zac Efron. She shelp, “Working through Zac has actually been wonderful. He is exceptionally expert, exceptionally fun. He"s been functioning the longest days and also he’s totally committed to his character and to this film.” They played a good on-screen couple here.

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6 Amanda Crew Starred In ‘Charlie St. Cloud’ With Zac Efron

In an interview through PopSugar, Amanda Crew sassist, “ is simply so emotionally raw and simply has so many kind of layers to him. It’s a new Zac Efron that civilization are going to be seeing and they"re going to be entirely blown ameans. I’m really stoked for the movie to come out for him… simply, he worked so hard and also it really mirrors.” He was truly outstanding in Charlie St. Cloud.

5 Anna Kendrick Starred In ‘Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates’ With Zac Efron

According to E! News, Anna Kendrick sassist, “I’m morbidly interested in Charles Manson. I’ve constantly wondered what is it about Mankid that was so charismatic? Then I met Zac and was like, ‘Oh, tbelow it is. I’m glad hasn’t asked me or anyone else to murder someone for him bereason I more than likely would certainly.” She obviously said this jokingly in recommendation to just how handsome and also charming Zac Efron really is!

4 Imogen Poots Starred In ‘That Awkward Moment’ With Zac Efron

As she guburned about Miles Teller and also Michael B. Jordan, Imogen Poots also discussed that “Zac is simply a complete sweetheart and so type.” (Collider.) She played his love interemainder in the film. Although the movie has its awkward moments, it is beyond relatable to the human being of contemporary dating.

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3 Michelle Pfeiffer Starred In ‘Hairspray’ And ‘New Year’s Eve With Zac Efron

When asked around kissing Zac Efron and also working with him on the set of New Year"s Eve, Michelle Pfeiffer said, "Pretty clever before of me at the ripe old age of 53. It was just a blast. We had so a lot fun; he"s so collaborative and also so talented…” (New Toronto.) She obviously took pleasure in her time in front of the video camera through Zac Efron. Who wouldn’t?!

2 Nicole Kidguy Starred In ‘The Paperboy’ With Zac Efron

According to Deadline Nicole Kidmale shelp, “I suppose I love Zac. He’s such a good man and also let me just say I am glad it was him. I feel safe through Zac and hopefully, he feels safe through me.” They starred in The Paperboy together, a movie that obtained most blended reviews for having actually fairly a few raunchy moments.

1 Maika Monroe Starred In ‘At Any Price’ With Zac Efron

Maika Monroe starred in At Any Price through Zac Efron! ClevverTV asked her what it was like working through him and also she responded by saying exactly how nervous she was to discover out she was playing his girlfrifinish. She believed he might be arrogant yet instead, he verified her exactly how down-to-earth he really was! We are noticing a recurring layout here… Zac Efron is an awesome male to occupational with!

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