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This was a very fun watch, if you enjoyed the original collection and its fun and also light-hearted manga, you will enjoy this too.Story-wise that what you'd intend from this type of OVA, meaning, a irradiate add-on to the original product that won't emphasis on any bigger arc however simply the day-to-day comedy little bit you have the right to have v the ensemble cast. The said, it does a great job at that, while comparable OVAs stick come even shorter bits, right here we have some proper "episodes" (2 every OVA) where the personalities personalities, gimmicks and interactions room explored to their best and used in brand-new ways, however fitting to the humor style of the original.While the main collection was additionally praised for its battle arcs and moments, these would need a bigger brand-new season anyway, for this reason I'm satisfied with the bits of extra contents that are offered to us in your daily, virtually slice-of-lifey activities. Girlfriend still get an ext insight in the characters, like with the cat festival in the 3rd episode.Art, Sound, computer animation in basic where all really good, not let MAL puritan troll "reviewers" tell girlfriend otherwise, Yuuna-San may be one of the really best "ecchi" like series from Shonen Jump's last 2 years (its good sales and decent lifetime will call the exact same story) and the Studio walk a great job in adapting all of their fun and wackiness to man form.