As applications tend to have significant influences on the experience of machine users, most app-related problem on Android cause a great deal of inconvenience. If a number of problems that afflict apps that Android gadgets nowadays eventually go away over time, part linger and also keep world from enjoying themselves. One prime instance of persisting application issues ~ above Android is the arbitrarily minimization the applications. When apps keep minimizing Android, device users must repeatedly re-select the applications in bespeak to obtain them ago to full display screen which is frustrating.

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Annoyed by the random application minimization on her Android maker but nothing know just how to protect against it from happening? If that is so, this post is what friend need. Under below, you would be listed with every little thing you have to keep in mind regarding the random minimization the applications.

Potential resources Of Problem and also Proper process Of Action 


A many things could make Android tools go haywire however when apps save minimizing Android, the a good idea come prioritize this scenarios

Corrupted Cache 

Modern-day applications count on cache data to accelerate processes but as time overcome by, the cache may end up being corrupted. Needless to say, if corruption exist in the cache that apps, erratic behaviors would surface.

Solution: Assuming that corrupted cache is behind the random app minimization, you need to clear the application cache and also the cache partition for good measure

Clear app Cache 

Step 1: walk to SettingsStep 2: pick StorageStep 3: struggle AppsStep 4: choose applications that want to clear cache.Step 5: pick Clear Cache

Clear Cache Partition

Step 1: Power down the deviceStep 2: turn on the machine while holding down Volume Up, Home and also Power buttons.Step 3: The moment the phone call vibrates, release the strength button but keep pushing the Volume Up and also Home buttons.Step 4: once you watch the recovery Mode screen appears, relax the Volume Up and Home buttons. Use Volume Up and also Volume under buttons come navigate to wipe cache partition climate hit it utilizing the strength button.Step 5: move to reboot mechanism now and select it

Ghost Touch

For her information, ghost touch is a term people often usage to describe the case where your phone responds come inputs you don’t make. Dirty screen, poorly installed screen protector, small particles and also so on might lead come ghost touch. Once your phone call is impacted by ghost touch, functions that involve tough would suffer and the random minimization that applications is a feasible consequence.

Solution: wipe the display of your Android phone numerous times. Also, in the case that the machine possesses a display screen protector, continue to remove it then see whether the apps prevent minimizing ~ above a whim. You allow your device to be exposed to dirt, sand, ….? climate there is a chance that the ghost touch is the result of small particles acquiring into the interior components. Uneven you have the skills and tools, send her phone come a phone call shop rather of attempting to clear the stuck particles on her own.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Setting 

Via the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) setting, owners of Android devices can keep clock on apps when doing other tasks. Though it without doubt comes in handy, PiP occasionally reasons the applications to minimization at random. As a result, as soon as apps save minimizing Android, PiP is one of the height suspects

Solutions: to disable PiP, you need to go to Settings, select Apps then choose Advanced. Next, struggle Special application access, pick Picture-in-Picture climate disable it.

Note: numerous applications, such as Youtube, have actually a different PiP setup so you must disable it as well to be thorough.

Optimizing Android Apps: Tips and also Tricks 


The random minimization that Android applications is simply one of countless app-related troubles that incorporate crashes, freezes, slow operation, … To store the apps on your Android maker running smoothly, it’s said that girlfriend implement the steps down below

Uninstall seldom-used applications: It’s common knowledge that applications need resources come run and the more apps friend have, the more resources must be allocated. Hence, to ensure that crucial apps receive sufficient resources, girlfriend should remove applications that you don’t use on a continual basis.Update apps periodically: Obsolescence can create a wide variety of problems for apps and also devices. Together a result, it’s finest that you upgrade the applications you have actually on her Android maker now and then. Most apps nowadays update instantly when there is a brand-new version however you still need to inspect up on them.

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Turn off battery optimization: To put it plainly, battery optimization allows Android users maintain battery by limiting performance of apps. If you choose to gain the most out of particular apps on your device then that a an excellent idea to rotate off battery optimization. To execute that, walk to Settings, select Apps then pick Advanced. Next, pick Battery, tap Battery optimization and select apps that you don’t want to it is in optimized because that battery.