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Your new favorite show! is a tagline that reflects on a commercial because that the animated series Teen Titans Go!.


On a Cartoon Network advertising for teenager Titans Go! at the end it claims "Your new favorite show!" as a tagline. (Shown below)



"Neopets Metaverse" NFT Team Apologizes ~ Posting Passive wild Soyjak In response To Backlash

What If…? is Marvel"s animated alternative reality collection everyone"s talking about. Here"s wherein all those new Marvel memes space coming from.

Your national politics Bore Me describes a viral quote indigenous Thanos in Guardians the the Galaxy in i beg your pardon Thanos sits on a throne and also says "Your politics bore me". The meme thrived in popularity as it ended up being attributed to photo of a child sitting on a pepsi throne.

A solitary verb in its command form, words "normalize" has appeared in dozens of viral tweets in the past three years, recording the really essence that Twitter PSAs. It has actually lost a an excellent chunk of its earnestness in the process, however hey, at least there are some sweet cat macros through it now.

BennyDrama top top Phone describes a famous reaction picture taken indigenous a White residence promotional video clip about COVID-19 vaccine awareness. Initially intending to be a boon come the Biden administration, a still image of Benny ~ above the phone has actually been used to mock the management whenever bad news comes out.

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