The words, “You never recognize what someone is walking through,” were as soon as said to me through my oldest sister, Michelle. I never forgot this words because that the compassion and an interpretation they have had to me because she claimed it to me in 2009.

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At the time, I was in a long-distance relationship and my sister to be engaged. My man was across the country and her male was in the Marines. At part point, I stated that her situation was much harder 보다 mine. Her answer was, “You never recognize what someone is going through.” She described to me that her college roommate organized no sympathy because that her, since the roommate’s fiance was throughout the world, while Michelle’s to be at the very least in the exact same country.


Of course I found this lack of sympathy unreasonable, together my sisters couldn’t communicate much with her fiance if the roommate had daily calls with her fiance, but this to be a an effective illustration come me the why us shouldn’t compare our situations.

We don’t have tendency to an alert the hardships in the problems of others. Mine sister could look at this roommate and envy gift able to speak to she fiance whenever she wanted, while her roommate, at the same time, might envy the shorter distance and closer time zones.

I yes, really wish civilization didn’t say this to various other people. This expression (in my opinion) puts down the difficulties that other civilization have had and claim that your troubles are harder 보다 theirs.

When relenten her stress and anxiety to mine husband, a girlfriend told him come imagine the many stressful case he’s ever been in and imagine that as every work of his life. My trouble with this is the assumption that her stresses are higher than his. If I know this person has actually experienced countless trials, Ross has had actually terrifying experiences the I'm sure my girlfriend couldn't said to, and also to downplay the feels demeaning. You never know what someone has actually been through.

These are an ext words that can be rather insensitive. Now, fact be told, i am a substantial believer in always reminding yourself of the blessings in her life. Truly, there is much to be thankful for, also in the depths of our trials. However, the tone v which we say this is critical. If you room condescending, the does no one any good. It just inflates your ego and makes them feel favor you don’t know their problems.

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Now, after someone has had a chance to vent, it can be beneficial to throw in a few positive things to be grateful for. Such as, “Wow, ns can’t imagine how hard it is to walk through disease like that. Say thanks to goodness you have such a loving husband despite - it is a blessing because that sure.” girlfriend must method it v the appropriate attitude.

Please see below some sketches of excessive versions the not having actually compassion. While this is humorous, how often do we technique people favor this once we should strategy with compassion?