‘And I could be safe–

I might be safe below in her arms and also never leaving home,never let these wall surfaces down.But you have called me higher.You have referred to as me deeper.And I’ll go wherein You will certainly lead me Lord…I will be your for all my life,so let her mercy light the path before me.’

This tune is pretty relevant to me in ~ this specific moment. Ns was trying come come up with songs because that leading the high institution students in praise this Sunday, and also this to be the very first song that popped into my head. However, i still essential to uncover out what the layout was . She later educated me the it was around following God and trusting whereby He leads. Now, if that’s not a God-thing, ns don’t understand what is. Ns love moments like this where I have the right to just feeling His hand in my life. I constantly struggle v ‘hearing His voice’, or learning what that sounds like. But, I perform think I’m slowly however surely finding out what it looks favor for me. And I absolutely think the nudges that i feel towards certain songs indigenous time to time space Him.

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Okay, currently onto the yes, really song. It’s all talking around how we could just sit still, simply hang the end in His presence, and also grow comfortable v the life we’re leading. But we are called to much much more than that. And this song is making that commitment. I struggle with this top top the daily. I LOVE to be comfortable. Questioning anyone that knows me–sweatpants on as shortly as I obtain home, I’m the best homebody, etc. I also like to come to be comfortable in mine lifestyle and also not press myself much further than my lull zones.

I re-superstructure this song with you because it’s it s okay to struggle. It’s it s okay to be fear to walk forward and also leave your safety nets. It’s a scary point to go the end there ‘on your own’. However, it’s essential to understand that you’re NOT ‘on your own’. The lyrics above mention continuing to be safe in His arms, never leaving home, never letting your walls down. When it’s vital to acquire out there and also let your wall surfaces down, know that friend aren’t leaving the safety and security of His arms. Among the most comforting points I pray all the moment is that i would just feel His arms roughly me–especially once I’m fear or uncomfortable or lonely or sad or something really.

He’s top you greater and deeper and also He’s calling you come follow. Don’t pretend friend can’t hear Him. I’m gonna press myself to hear to His call and to walk wherever He would lead me. Together the track states: His mercy will light the path prior to you. You’re no going in blind. You’re not going in alone. You have actually the Creator that the cosmos (who is also the Creator that YOU) walk in by her side.

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with love,

erinn victoria.

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