Ok.. so I believed whole Eye of Chuthlu "random" generate was meant to be rare...

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I've acquired it almost eextremely time it's turned night after I acquired my NComputers right into my mountain base.

Am I just unlucky ? Each time I see that... I exit and also conserve. I'm not ready to take him on by myself. A failed attempt confirmed that fairly well.

So, are other suffering a high "random" generate rate of the Eye?


He might have actually just "randomly" spawned as soon as.... however he's remains "spawned" till you kill him.

He doesn't actually hang roughly though, it's even more favor he's "queued" to spawn until the conditions are appropriate, then he'll come attack you. Not certain exactly what those conditions are, however I recognize it hregarding be at night, and also I think you have to be "above" (sea/ground level).

I had this take place when as soon as I was still new, and as long as I was underground mining at night, and walking on the surface during the day, it never before actually spawned.

I thought as soon as you died against him he went amethod.

I understand Eater of Worlds comes at you no matter what


Made a brand-new character. took only 2 potions and also i did it through only 3 extra hearts

Used all the gold i discovered for the bow, and all the silver for the armor.

skipped all other tiers except for an Iron sword

I was in your case, felt like EVERY TIME I went into my mine, I felt an evil existence watching me...

Use Silver or better armor, a Gold bow, flaming arrows, a boomerang for the mini-eyes if you've gained one, and also a crap ton of potions. It was difficult however I never really obtained listed below 4 hearts.

Yeah, that taken place to me yesterday. He would spawn once per night, kill me, and also then disappear till the beginning of the next night. I eliminated him through a flail (I have the Ball O' Hurt) and about 15 health and wellness potions.

You just should kill him once, then he won't come looking for you. I'd imply fighting him in an open up area and throwing shurikens at him (bought from the vendor, that you deserve to lure with a room and 5 gold). Otherwise... You'll just keep having to run ameans from him.

Yep, very same right here.. I read somewhere that it hregarding execute through exactly how many kind of hearts you have actually. So if you exceed a particular max life limit, he will keep spawning currently and also then till dead.

Tright here are help via defeating him around here though, but if you are like me and were just really lucky through the hearts and less lucky via ore for upgrades, its difficult. :)

Well I can't acquire a server approximately save my life.. so I can't really obtain assist =/

I hear ya about the health vs upgrades. Just obtained the Demon Set for weapons but the basic "mining" equip.

I still have to make that battle arena... I may carry out that following...

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