The moment you get a different outlook on life is among the many beautiful points you can ever before experience.

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It was 9 afternoon on a merganser Sunday night as I to be sitting in mine office chair, sliding down in boredom. I was working as a tech-support certified dealer at the time and, on that specific day, ns was alone in the office and also yet to receive a call. Ns was just browsing the net when i stumbled upon a video clip titled The 21 gold Rules that Entrepreneurship.

So ns clicked on it.

At that suggest in mine life, I believed that to end up being an businessman you must be born into wealth or be exceptionally lucky and that most businessmen were evil in part way. However as ns was watching that presentation, it came to be clear come me that i was wrong. Because that the very first time in my life, i realized that… I could do that. It’s not about being lucky or having money or being deceitful or anything prefer that.

It’s all about the mindset.

Most human being would assume the I’m a writer, not a businessman, and also that would certainly be a correct assumption. Yet that video was precisely what I required at the right time, as it proved me the one thing I believed was impossible for me to achieve is much more attainable.

And if i was wrong about one thing… maybe I to be wrong around other points too?

With that realization, I might vividly feeling invisible chains approximately my mind shatter right into a million pieces. Chains i didn’t also know were there were lastly lifted. And, because that the first time in mine life, ns felt important liberated.

DO YOU yes, really CARE about OTHER PEOPLE?

If over there is one native that has played the largest role in my life, it is “overthinking”. Ever due to the fact that I was a small kid, all the method through my teen years, and even right into adulthood, I’ve always analyzed, re-analyzed, and overanalyzed every single instance in mine life.

This method of reasoning is responsible for me developing a many of different skills, yet it is likewise responsible because that feeling prefer shit more often than my peers. Whereas rather would largely deal with personal and real-life issues, I would certainly constantly develop problems in my head the would afflict me for days, months, also years.

And that is a horrible feeling because, no issue what friend do, you can never operation away native your very own mind.

Don’t allow the laugh fool you, it can be a actual douchebag.

During my first year at college, I’ve experienced so countless shitstorms and disappointments that I ended up being literally sick and tired of myself. I didn’t hate myself, however I hated the human I was. Ns hated that i don’t stand as much as people. I hated the I spend time with bad company. Ns hated that i let assorted fears regulate what I will or will not do.

So I progressively started opening my mind and accepting other realities. I started learning an ext and stepping the end of my lull zone. And also that presentation about entrepreneurship was the tipping allude that propelled me to totally realize the strength of mine mindset.

For the adhering to years, I’ve intentionally put myself in uncomfortable situations and did points that scare the shit out of me so the I can further strengthen my mindset. Together a result, I ended up being a various person on almost every conceivable level.

And world started taking notice.

After multiple girlfriend started arguing the same things, in 2014 I started this website to aid others in the very same way. Ns knew there were a lot of of human being who were trying to find their own tipping allude that would press them end the edge and also release your chains, and I wanted to be the for them.

But indigenous the begin I had actually one clear vision: I deserve to only assist people who want to it is in helped.

I had actually no attention in forcing myself top top people since I was conscious that it will not work. Girlfriend can’t assist somebody that refuses to expropriate the assist or even refuses to recognize that they are in need of help.

I determined that I will write only for a specific group that people: those that want to change but are not certain how. And also I want to provide my research and experience to help them.

Honestly, I never thought everyone would check out my articles. However people did. Then an ext people did. And, together my website began to grow, I proficient something the pleasantly surprised me, but likewise terrified me in ~ the same time.

THE guide TO coming to be AN ASSHOLE

As time went on, human being started questioning me because that advice on serious life issues. Castle were handling serious illnesses, clinical depression, or OCD. They were having actually suicidal thoughts and also wanted my input. They’ve experienced sex-related assault and wanted me to help them resolve it.

To it is in honest, this scared the shit out of me.

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I wasn’t a psychologist or psychiatrist. Ns didn’t have a medical background. I didn’t have detailed knowledge around any of this things and also I wasn’t even sure exactly how I could help them. I was simply some guy on the internet writing around some shit in mine life.