For a million years, I never before could have imagined that's what Thom was saying in Everything In Its Right Place. This offered be among my favorite Radiohead songs (mind you, it still is), but currently the entirety song seems too funny for me to fully take seriously.

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Anyone else below that agrees?


Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon. Yesterday I woke up with a sour taste in my mouth. Yesterday I woke up and felt poor from the start, but now everything's in its ideal place.

This is referring to the tragic endure Thom had mentally while on tour for OKC. Yes, the lyric can be taken as funny, but it's the perfect line for the opening track of their follow as much as OKC.

Well, the actual lyric is "Yesterday I woke up sucking on a lemon..." It's a various lyric for sure, yet not one that is a full shocker when it concerns Thom's lyrics. It's funny and also it's not, favor a lot of his lyrics. He's talking, basically, around waking up in a foul mood. The lyrics of this song are so thin, I wonder why that particular line provides the song various for you, now that you've figured it out?

I think its about a great hangover. He acquired drunk the night before, so he woke up like if he was sucking a lemon, you recognize, like this , dry mouth, cant eat anything because every little thing taste prefer sh*t. "Tbelow are 2 colours in my head", my senses are not ago yet. "What is that you tried to say? what was that you tried to say?", I was completely wasted, I didnt gain a solitary word you shelp last night. "Everypoint in its ideal place", hell yeah, it was an significant night

You should not look at it in such a literal method. It would be the same as looking at a Dali painting and also saying "look, there's a melting clock, WTF!?". The song is constructed to throw at you clues of tranquility and comfort ("eiirp", harmonic synth chord progression) and also then revolve it all upside down through facets of confusion and also chaos (the "lemon", the girl implicitly seeing whatever babsence or white, and specially the distorted sounds that thrive and accumulate during the song). It is expressionistic music at its finest, including layers and also layers of complexity - and that's why it is so excellent and also need to always be viewed as one of the cornerstones of RH music.

It's an expression. He was having actually a little jab at the press and also public perception of him as perpetually sour faced.

It's a tiny bit of tongue-in-cheek self mockery.

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I have actually a frifinish that tagged "Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon" on the side of structure in a very busy city ago in favor 2006. Spray paint. He didn't get recorded, yet he was super hungover the next day.