XCOM 2 Errors are presently being reported by many players on the Steam Discussions Board. A lot of them are complaining around the fact that the game is poorly optimized and also that it has actually performance problems choose Freezes and Low FPS.

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XCOM 2 is the sequel to the award-winning strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Twenty years have passed considering that humankind lost the war against the alien invaders and also a new human being order currently exists on Planet. After years of lurking in the shadows, XCOM pressures have to rise and get rid of the alien occupation.

The most common XCOM 2 issues that customers largely complained around are: Crashes, random crashes or crashes during the startup, Video Game Not Starting and also Performance Issues like Stuttering, Freezes, and also difficulties with the FPS. Below you have the right to find these issues explained and also at the finish of the short article a tutorial on just how to fix them.

Read below to settle the XCOM 2 errors:

1) XCOM 2 Crashes, one the many widespread crash in the game is the crash in the time of the startup or, from time to time, you can encounter random crashes while playing Xcom. You have the right to settle both of these crashes by adhering to our solution listed below and also using our workarounds.


“I pre-ordered and also pre-pack the game. However, it’s been crashing on startup. Never obtained right into the game when. Eextremely time I press play on the launcher, the game simply crashes and claims XCOM2 has quit working. When I tried to verify integrity, it keeps saying 2 documents fairesulted in validate and also will be regained. However before, when it was download, I will certainly start the launcher only to crash on startup. Then once I tried to verify the integrity the second time, the 2 file is lacking again. It feels like founding up the game destroy the two documents. I am running out of solution and can’t find any kind of aid on the forum or assistance. Can anyone please help me? Can anyone administer me through XCOM assistance team email address wright here I might be able to gain help? Thank you so much!”

Solution: To solve the game crashes follow the tutorial at the end of the write-up on exactly how to resolve the major issues of the game. Go to the finish of the write-up for even more details!

Also, you can apply the workarounds listed below.

Install from the game folder: 
Head to your library > Right click XCOM2 > Local Files > Browse Local Files > _CommonRedist > DotNet > 4.5.1 > NDP451-KB2872776-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe > Restart your PCInstall by means of Add/Rerelocate Features: System Control > Add / Rerelocate Features > Install Microsoft Frameworks

2) XCOM 2 No Save Location, some players are unable to save the game or as soon as they attempt to load it they are acquiring an error that the conserve file is corrupt. Tbelow a couple of solution to deal with this worry, you will discover every one of them listed below. Apply each solution until your error is fixed!

“My game won’t fill conserve papers. I’m aware of this being a problem in Xcom. When I play Xcom2 I deserve to conserve a game and also it tells me it’s been conserved however once I attempt to fill that conserve file it tells me the file is corrupt. Windows is set up on an SSD and also the game is mounted on an HDD. Documents are additionally moved to the HDD. I think this is relevant indevelopment based on the problem through Xcom. Anyone have any kind of principle what I have the right to do?”

Equipment 1:

1) Manually create the XCOM2 Save location in your My Documents: …DocumentsMy GamesXCOM2XComGameSaveData2) Make sure the user has complete manage over the XCOM folder

Systems 2: 

The XCOM 2 conserves are not in the normal XCOM: EU folder, all your saves are in “DocumentsMy GamesXCOM2XComGameSaveData”.

3) XCOM 2 Not Starting, you could be unable to start the game, some players are encountering some code errors when they try to start the game and for some the game freezes at the intro. To resolve this issue you will certainly must use our solution, you have the right to discover it below after the concern complaints.


“I’ll start the game up and also it’ll obtain right into the agency splash logos, however after that, it won’t respond, I can’t tab out, and also nothing yet what I assume is the background to the title display will certainly present. After that, all I can do is rebegin my computer.”

“XCOM 2 won’t begin. Verified integrity of game documents, Re-set up couple of times, Disabled anti-virus(avast), Changed language choices, and also Cleaning up graphics driver and fresh new install won’t help either. Does anyone having actually comparable issues?”

Solution: To deal with this issue you need to use our patch to the game, it will optimize it and after that you will be able to begin and also play. Check the tutorial at the end of the post for even more details on how to settle the significant worries of the game.

4) XCOM 2 Performance Issues, most players are encountering XCOM 2 Freezes and some of them have problems with the FPS like Low FPS and also FPS Drops, additionally, a couple of of them enrespond to Stuttering during the game or during the reduced scenes. To fix the performance problems of the game follow the quick solution below and you will certainly be playing the game via consistent FPS in just a couple of minutes!

“Anyone enduring low fps? I running everywhere from 25-36 FPS on the game and also I’m pretty certain my GTX850M is much more capable than that O.o..”

“I was getting 45-50fps throughout the tutorial mission but currently that I’m back in my ship I’m getting 3-5fps. what’s going on?”

The game randomly falls short on start-up and also once it does succeed, I get either a few minutes or maybe half an hour before it crashes and I need to rebegin my COMPUTER before it will certainly play aobtain. Rather frustrating. I have a GTX 970, i7-4790k and 16GB of RAM and also judging by the performance once the game does play, I don’t think my device is the problem.”

Quick Solutions: You can easily deal with the performance worries of the game by applying our patch, follow the tutorial listed below to check out just how to perform that!

XCOM 2 Tutorial To Fix Major Issues:

Our team of developers regulated to release a patch that helps you deal with the errors explained over. You deserve to view exactly how our patch looks like listed below, where you can also uncover a tutorial on how to usage it and also a downfill connect. Please follow the tutorial step by step prior to asking any type of questions concerning your problems. Our patch won’t interfere via your Steam account, it will simply change some records and also .dll in the game folder in order for the errors to be addressed.


Follow the tutorial below to apply the patch correctly to your game.

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How to use our patch:

 Extract the downloaded archive on your PC, and also open up the patch from the folder.Your GPU will be schosen instantly, make sure that you usage your dedicated GPU if you have a laptop!Select the game executable from the game folder, if you provided the default install folder it should be: “C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamappscommonXCOM 2” Select your issue or worries from package to the ideal and also click the equivalent “Fix” button.After your errors are effectively solved you have the right to click the “Launch Game” switch and also play the game.

How to download: Well, you might think that our download organization is pretty annoying however is extremely reliable. To download you just need to complete a straightforward market, it commonly takes a few minutes, and also after that, you will certainly be able to downpack the patch. We use this company bereason is the just means to support our developers and also to keep releasing and also updating patches for games. Thank you! We hope you understand us and also have fun playing XCOM 2!

We hope that our tutorial assisted you resolve your XCOM 2 errors and also that currently you are playing and also enjoying the game. If you encounter any concerns or if you have actually concerns please use the comment area below and also we will help you deal with your game. – carolannpeacock.com Team