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When Rock band 4 was first announced, Harmonix promised the it was working on make as countless of the Xbox 360 drums, guitars, and also microphones compatible with the new game together possible. Harmonix has since revealed an extensive list the backward-compatible instruments that work with the Xbox One, for this reason you have the right to use your old Xbox 360 guitar through Rock band 4 thanks come the Xbox legacy game controller adapter.

rock Band heritage Adapter because that Xbox One

Because the Xbox 360 controllers usage a proprietary wireless signal and the Xbox One offers Wi-Fi straight for its controllers, using your old wireless Xbox 360 tools on Xbox One requires an extra adapter. The legacy adapter for Xbox One is a little USB machine that girlfriend plug into your Xbox One that allows your console to receive signals from her wireless Xbox 360 drums and also guitars. In contrast, the game stations 3 and also PlayStation 4 both usage Bluetooth, so no distinct adapter is necessary to play older Rock Band instruments on the PS4.

The heritage adapter comes bundled through some standalone versions that Rock tape 4. Other hardware majority that include the brand-new Xbox One guitars, drums, and also microphones carry out not come with the heritage adapter, yet you deserve to purchase one independently online. If girlfriend buy the digital version of Rock tape 4 ~ above Xbox One, you'll be given instructions on exactly how to obtain the heritage adapter.

Only tools from the same console family are backward compatible, so just PlayStation 3 (and some PS2) tools work ~ above PS4, and also only Xbox 360 instruments work on Xbox One.

i beg your pardon Xbox 360 instruments Are Compatible with Rock band 4 for Xbox One?

Just about all of the wireless Xbox 360 instruments are compatible v Rock tape 4 top top Xbox One. Most wired instruments, like the original Rock Band drums and also guitar or the Guitar Hero 2 controller, room not compatible.

Rock band 4 Backward-Compatible Guitars

Rock band 1 Wireless StratocasterRock band 2 StratocasterRock band 3 StratocasterBeatles rock Band Hofner BassBeatles absent Band Rickenbacker 325Beatles rock Band Duo-Jet GuitarGuitar Hero 5 GuitarGuitar Hero civilization Tour GuitarGuitar Hero 3 Les PaulGuitar Hero warriors of Rock GuitarGuitar Hero Aerosmith Les PaulMad Catz Precision BassMad Catz Fender Telecaster

Rock tape 4 Backward-Compatible north

Guitar Hero world Tour DrumsRock band 2 DrumsRock tape 3 DrumsBeatles rock Band Ludwig Drums

It's possible to mix and also match the new Xbox One instruments with her old Xbox 360 instruments while play Rock band 4. Girlfriend can affix up to four instruments in ~ a time. 

Rock tape 4 Backward-Compatible Microphones

Any wired USB microphone released v previous Rock Band games will work. You carry out not require the legacy adapter come sync microphones. So lengthy as a controller is synced to her console, you have the right to just plugin your microphone via the USB port.

how to Sync the Xbox One heritage Adapter

Once you've determined which of her old tools are compatible with Xbox One, friend must collection up the legacy adapter. Make sure the instruments that you wish to sync have fresh batteries and also follow this steps:

Hold under the Xbox 360 button located in the center of your drum kit or next to the directional pad on your guitar. A eco-friendly light approximately the Xbox 360 symbol must start blinking to indicate that the controller is waiting to sync.

Simultaneously hold down the sync button on the tradition adapter and the small wireless button on your instrument for about two seconds.

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The environment-friendly light roughly the Xbox 360 symbol on her instrument need to stop blinking, and a solid green light will appear in among the 4 corners indicating which player the controller is assigned to.