2nd Grade scientific research - simple Machines What is a simple Machine?A simple an equipment is a tool that makes occupational easier. These devices use energy to work. Listed below are the 6 basic straightforward machines we have actually studied in science.




call all second graders in ~ Friedberg elementary school School! We have a vast problem that only 2nd graders space qualified come fix. We desperately require your help!! Something occurred in the center of the night and all of our an easy machines in ~ school fully disappeared! In second grade we have been examining the 6 basic basic machines. It is increase to us to remember each of the simple machines and identify instances of each one.We will certainly be working in bag to finish this webquest. Together we correctly determine pictures that the an easy machines they will certainly mysteriously reappear in our classroom and as well together within the whole school. It is vital that we dig deep right into our memories and remember all of the instances that we deserve to remember and also then determine them correctly! Life will definitely be a entirety lot much easier with those basic machines. The is as much as us, as second graders, to find the an easy machines and also return them come our classroom and also to the school! The whole school will be thanking us for paying fist in science and being able effectively name the plenty of different simple machines and also examples that them. To do this task less complicated we have the right to use the internet to aid us locate plenty of different examples of straightforward machines.
* Classroom perform of the six simple machines * http://www.coe.uh.edu/archive/science/science_lessons/scienceles1/finalhome.htm This website identifies the six simple machines and gives an example for every one. It also includes a an easy machines quiz for students to take it if they want to see exactly how much castle remember. * http://www.mikids.com/Smachines.htm This website not just identifies the six basic machines through pictures, but it also gives a short definition that second graders can conveniently understand. Under each simple maker there is a link to a web page filled through pictures and also at the bottom of the page there is list of names that we need to correctly placed with each picture. * http://edheads.org/activities/simple-machines/ This is a great website because that students to use in identifying simple machines that space in different rooms in our homes.

The students will usage the above websites as resources to help them identify examples of basic machines. It is completely up to united state to discover as many different basic machines as we can. As we discover them and say their surname they will certainly mysteriously reappear in the school and also in our classroom. Till we brand the straightforward machines correctly we will certainly just need to do there is no it in our school! So, we certainly want come find and also identify as many basic machines as possible!! listed below is a rubric the expectations for the students. The students will be assessed as they properly identify instances of each straightforward machine. In addition, the students will likewise be assessed in exactly how they usage the resources easily accessible to them.

Rubric for Simple machine Webquest

3 or more Websites visited; identify 12 examples of basic Machines Superior job
2 websites visited; identifies 8 examples of straightforward Machines Adequate task
0-1 Website visited; identifies 4 examples of straightforward Machines bad Job
discovering Advice
: *Work together and don"t be fear to asking questions! * Think back to our science lessons on simple machines. Have the right to you psychic the instances that we mutual in class? * use the above websites together a source to identify the many varieties of simple machines. Carry out not shot to perform it every on your own without these aids!

* use these website as starting points. Do not border yourself come using just these websites.

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many thanks to you, 2nd graders, we have actually our straightforward machines back! i don"t recognize what we would have actually done there is no you since the task clearly said the only 2nd graders can bring back the basic machines come Friedberg elementary school School. Congratulations on resolving our school-wide prblem with ease and speed! You have each done fantastic job!