WWE normally throws a lot at us once it comes to the last episode of television before a pay-per-watch.

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However before, that wasn"t the situation this time around.

WWE threw a pair of excellent things at us, which I will cover momentarily, however the last episode of Raw before Fastlane felt largely uneventful.

Raw did a good task of showcasing the main angles that are playing out on the show, but whatever else felt like it was simply sort of thrown out tright here. It was almost as if WWE was going through the motions if the story didn"t involve names like Triple H, Kevin Owens, Romale Reigns, Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Goldberg or Braun Strowmale.

If one of those men weren"t affiliated in the story, WWE didn"t put much of its creative talent behind it.

Surely, the women"s department gained a lengthy segment and match, yet neither presented anypoint we haven"t seen before.

It is weird to think Raw hit a little of a speed bump — pardon the pun — ideal prior to Fastlane, as the present had been fairly good the last few weeks.

In spite of this show being less-than-stellar, the Fastlane card is still looks pretty good on paper.

Before that, but, I shall go in-depth on what occurred Monday night. Here are the complete enhance results from the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisc.:

- The New Day def. Rusev & Jinder Mahal

- Akira Tozawa def. Noam Dar

- Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax def. Bayley & Sasha Banks

- Big Cass def. Luke Gallows

- Sheamus def. Titus O"Neil

- Big Sexactly how def. The Shining Stars

- Jack Gallagher & TJ Perkins def. Neville & Tony Nese

- Samoa Joe def. Cesaro

Seth Rollins will be at WrestleMania

In spite of his ailing knee, Rollins vowed Monday night that he will be at WrestleMania on April 2.

While Rollins, who went to the ring with the assist of a crutch, shown that he would show up on the greatest present of the year, WWE was mindful not to say that Rollins would certainly be in a complement. Rollins only sassist that he would certainly be tright here. The capacity he"ll be tbelow in is still up in the air as of this composing.

Rollins" declaration came after a lengthy however good back-and-forth via Triple H, who came out to rub salt in Rollins" wound after he told Corey Graves that his medical professionals can not clear him in time to percreate at WrestleMania.

Triple H, via Joe lurking in the background, warned Rollins not to show up to WrestleMania bereason it might be the last point he does in WWE.

Rollins defiantly said that he has actually nopoint else to lose and he"ll be at WrestleMania whether the physicians clear him or not and if he"s tbelow, it would be the last thing they both perform.

Like I said earlier, this was long, but it was still very good. It made me look forward to whatever Rollins actually does at WrestleMania.

It may not be a complement. It might only be an angle, however it should be fairly intriguing to see exactly how it all plays out.

Braun Strowman, Roguy Reigns tore the ring a part

The last segment of Raw was dedicated to the contract signing for Sunday"s complement in between Reigns and also Strowguy, and also most of it was nothing we haven"t viewed before.

But the exceptionally finish, however, presented somepoint pretty memorable.

Raw general manager Mick Foley managed the proceedings, however was told to leave by Strowmale, that sassist that Foley was no much longer essential.

Instead of leaving, Foley put his foot dvery own and also reminded Strowman that he is the basic manager of Raw and also that Strowmale would certainly present him respect.

Strowmale didn"t seem also happy with Foley"s tone, yet before anypoint could occur, Reigns showed up.

Reigns and also Strowman brawled right into the crowd and also just came back to ringside when Reigns speared Strowguy through the barricade, taking out a protection guard in the process.

Reigns climbed back right into the ring and also nearly signed the contract, but didn"t and unexpectedly flaburned a shocked look on his face, as Strowman made his method ago to his feet as if nothing occurred to him.

Strowguy jumped back right into the ring and also ultimately tossed Reigns chest initially right into among the turnbuckles, which resulted in it to snap off the ring write-up. While Strowguy strutted amethod, Reigns still made his to the contract and signed it.

This was an awesome showcase of Strowman"s power and also was something I have never before checked out before. It could have been done in other places in the wide world of experienced wrestling, but I have never before checked out something favor that, so I have to offer kudos to WWE for getting imaginative with this brawl.

It could have actually easily finished in yet another power slam from Strowman or a spear from Reigns, however it didn"t. It created a minute that civilization walked amethod from the event talked around.

Foley no longer having actually nice days

Speaking of Foley, it looks choose the story neighboring him is based roughly counting down the days until he snaps and also either reindicators from his basic manager position or does something that gets him fired.

In fact, Foley leaving is inescapable, as he will be taking time off to undergo surgical procedure on his hip, however in storyline, it is progressively structure.

On Monday, Foley was berated, when aacquire, by Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon, who basically said that Foley was wamelted up.

After that in the show Foley acquired right into a little of a verbal confrontation with Joe. He then yelled to the height of his lungs so that Strowmale would certainly respect his authority.

I recognize tbelow are some fans that have grvery own fatigued of Foley and also his act, yet as soon as every one of this hits the proverbial fan, I think civilization will learn to appreciate Foley, which is par for the course for professional wrestling, specifically WWE.

Separation provides the heart prosper fonder and also when someone is on tv every single week, you sort of obtain tired of seeing them yet once Foley goes amethod, world might start to miss him aacquire.

Time will certainly tell on that one, I guess.

Sami Zayn vs. Joe heating up

Somepoint on Raw that has not had a bunch of elaborate storytelling, yet has actually still been entertaining nonetheless has actually been the Zayn-Joe rivalry.

After suffering beatings from Joe in consecutive weeks, Zayn finally obtained a measure of revenge by attacking Joe after his complement versus Cesaro Monday night.

Once Joe made his means to the phase after the match, Zayn came from out of nowbelow and also began beating on him. Joe managed to fend him off while referees and also security attempted to sepaprice the two.

That obviously didn"t work-related, as Zayn regulated to dive off the phase onto Joe before everyone can gain in in between them aacquire. All of this set up a match between Zayn and also Joe at Fastlane.

Like I said previously, this has actually been exceptionally excellent offered its simplicity, which goes to show that straightforward deserve to be extremely reliable occasionally.

Sidenote: I was really looking forward to the enhance in between Joe and Cesaro and also it more than likely was pretty good, however the television missed a great percent of because of a commercial break.

I recognize that is par for the course for WWE, yet it was still a little of a let down.

Women"s department going nowhere fast

Something that has actually not been effective is the storytelling in the Raw women"s division.

I have actually shelp prior to that the Raw women"s division is fundamentally the inverse of the Smackdown Live one.

The Raw women"s division generally produces significant in-ring action, yet lackadaisical stories. The Smackdown Live women"s division is the oppowebsite, as it has developed some great stories and promos, yet has been trailed much behind the Raw women"s division in the ring.

The trouble with the Raw side is that I"m not all that interested in what happens via the woguys till they acquire into the ring.

Another concern is that tbelow are just 5 of them doing anypoint. Although Smackdvery own Live offers about 6 on a weekly basis, the blue brand gets the absolute the majority of out of those 6. On height of that, Smackdown Live makes certain that every episode feels different via the woguys.

On Raw, it feels favor we"re watching reruns of the very same present over and over and also over aget.

It doesn"t assist that Summer Rae and also Paige have actually been on the sidelines nursing injuries and also in Paige"s situation, has actually had a rocky partnership with the firm as of late, but then you have Emma, that has actually been nopoint even more than a video package that has actually turned into a running joke amongst the fans.

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Alicia Fox, who is a pretty excellent wrestler, has been decreased to being only Noam Dar"s valet and also nothing else.