Update (8:30 afternoon EST): added note about potential adjust to Marquee Bindings the the sunlight King
new Card Reveal: Backstreet Leper
Patch 7.1.5 PTR - course ChangesKeep in mind that the alters you experienced yesterday in the an initial PTR build are no complete!

WoW"s 12th Anniversary
WoW"s 12th Anniversary went live today! tbody>tr"> Level kind Name price
1Companion Pets
Corgi Pup
Exquisite Costume Set: "Edwin VanCleef"
blow up Thunderfury, Blessed blade of the Windseeker
1Other solemn event Wand - Murloc25×
1Other solemn event Wand - Gnoll25×
Celebrating 12 year of WoW!

The 12th anniversary celebration of world of Warcraft has begun! log in in between now and also November 30 to knife the WoW’s 12th Anniversary achievement, then inspect your mail for a special Anniversary Gift Package.This year package will incorporate 200 Timewarped Badges, a celebration event Package items to rise experience and also reputation gains from death by 12% because that 1 hour, and a “Letter from the Timewalkers” i beg your pardon will start a brand-new quest that will lead friend to one of two people Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Questgivers chronicler Llore and Historian Ju’pe will have a everyday quest for players to earn additional Timewarped badges by answering human being of Warcraft trivia. If you’d like this year’s anniversary gift, the Corgi Pup
, you deserve to purchase the from them along with other additional anniversary goodies.

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Thank you to all of the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance for your unfaltering dedication come Azeroth. Whether you room a clever night elf, a nimble gnome, a mystical troll, or a stalwart human, we evaluate your ongoing support, and we’re looking front to share many more adventures v you for years come come.
Happy 12 year of WoW and also 22 years of Warcraft, everyone!Hopefully by now you"ve picked up the box in her mail, which will certainly contain an item that will begin a quick questline, ending at a merchant who will market you an adorable Corgi pup (sell is maybe not the ideal word, because you"re offered the currency for it from the Anniversary Box, and also you should always #AdoptNotShop)!If for some reason you"d fairly not take on a Corgi (who are really much in need great homes), you"re welcome to conserve the tokens and also put them in the direction of rewards in any type of of the time Timewalking occasions - I"d recommend waiting for mists of Pandaria TImewalking in 7.1.5 and putting it in the direction of a brand-new Heavenly Jade Cloud Serpent mount!Let"s perform our ideal to overlook trolls that will shot to make a hill out that our small anniversary celebration.Thanks to our remarkable and devoted community for being through us and also creating impressive memories over the last pair of decades.As for the anniversary thingy it"s absolute trash. It"s my opinion.As yes, the mysterious and "rare" shadowy Level 1 troll. A wonder come behold, I"m sure! Let"s play nice, okay?
Mage (Forums / an abilities / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)Displacement must now job-related for mages who understand Arcane Momentum.
(Forums / skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)Weaponmaster no longer causes Goremaw"s Bite to deal excessive damages when it activates.
(Forums / an abilities / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle buffs are no much longer shared among multiple Shaman.DungeonsReturn to KarazhanGrouped players deserve to now loot small Red"s Cape for "High anxiety Hiatus".Trial the ValorThere is now a portal to return to the begin of the instance in Haustvald, and also Odyn will certainly teleport players the end of the circumstances after Helya is defeated.HelyaThe an obstacle of several elements of the Helya encounter have been decreased on Raid Finder difficulty.Resolved an worry where periodically Bilewater Breath would cast while Helya is submerging.QuestsWarriors ~ above "Capturing the Gateway" who aren’t seeing the forced missions must return come their course Hall, give up the quest, and then re-accept that from Odyn. You will obtain credit for objectives you already completed and the remaining objectives will now be available.The burn Crusade pursuit "Blessing the Incineratus" have the right to now it is in completed.Classes
(Forums / an abilities / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)Borrowed Time and also Muze’s Unwavering will certainly (legendary wrist item) currently properly mitigate the worldwide cooldown that Smite, in enhancement to Smite’s cast time.
(Forums / skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)The Warlock Glyph that the Observer must now summon one Observer that knows Devour Magic.DungeonsThe weekly cool Challenger’s Bounty now includes Item Level 885+ rewards for players that cleared a Mythic Keystone Level 12 or greater dungeon the front week.Return to KarazhanBurning Bones need to no much longer sometimes inflict damages to the tank instead of the player through the debuff.Player versus PlayerEnd-of-match rewards indigenous Rated Arenas and also Rated Battlegrounds now acquire increased items level based on your present rating in that bracket, rather of your present item level.Developers’ Notes: if the Weekly quests for every bracket were providing rewards based upon rating, the rewards provided at the conclusion that a Rated Arena or Rated Battleground weren’t aligned v the challenge involved in earning a high rating. This adjust makes winning high-rated Arena or Rated Battleground matches much more analogous come running repeated high-level Mythic Keystone dungeons.Rated Battleground wins no longer have actually a guaranteed possibility to prize an item.Developers’ Notes: RBG wins would’ve been much too lucrative. We’re lowering the base possibility of receiving one item, but also applying part aggressive negative luck protection. When you i will not ~ earn an item from every solitary RBG win any more, they’ll quiet be an extremely common, and also far much more valuable at higher ratings.
Of course no activity will it is in taken.Actually, us did just take activity against players who went out of their means to take advantage of this bug. We had actually two key motivations: First, same to those who could have taken benefit of this exploit however chose not to; and second, setting/reinforcing a precedent that flagrant abuse that bugs for personal gain will certainly be bring away seriously. Also if you"re not concerned with same play ~ above a neighborhood level, indigenous a pure selfish perspective, you"re better off not taking benefit of loopholes favor these together it"s very likely the you"ll end up worse off than if you"d never done it in ~ all.Obviously, the existence of a an insect like this is our fault. We have to have captured this worry (which arose from a a conflict between two civilization quests, leading to credit come not conserve properly) throughout testing. But the visibility of our mistake doesn"t forgive players" intended actions to take benefit of it.Here"s one awkward real-world analogy:Let"s to speak you"re walking under the street one day, once you look down, and notification a crisp financial institution note gift lifted through a gentle breeze roughly your feet. Friend look around, and also no one is in sight. Well, assumption: v it"s your lucky day!A couple of moments later, friend come throughout two or three an ext bank notes. Absolutely strange, and also you"re a little suspicious since this obviously isn"t normal, however they"re simply lying there. No one have the right to really blame friend if you pick them up, right?Now, you rotate the corner, and you see large stacks of financial institution notes sit on a pallet in the center of the road. That seems choose an unfortunate driver fail to appropriately secure the rear door the his armored truck, leading to this scene. Yet if girlfriend walked up and grabbed a large handful native the pile, would certainly that it is in an totally innocent act? would certainly you it is in surprised if a police officer that witnessed you do that thought otherwise?Finally, if you were to fetch large garbage bags, and call up her friends and also tell lock to carry out the same, therefore you can load up as much of the cash together you all could carry.... Still completely innocent? Sure, the driver make a big mistake in not locking the door, yet would there be any kind of surprise if you were tracked down based upon CCTV footage and there were after-effects for the act?(Hey, I claimed it would be an awkward analogy.)The account action taken now were typically in direct proportion come the level of abuse. Players that may have actually innocently recurring the quest just a few times were no actioned. Yet on the other end of the spectrum, some who controlled to fit in literally thousands of completions, forming groups to execute so, got far much more serious penalties.We apologize for the existence of the bug in the an initial place, yet once an problem like this is out in the wild, we have to act to keep the soul of same play.

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Legendary article Level Hotfix
This is simply a cache issue, her Legendary has actually been upgraded but it"s tho displaying the old tooltip locally.Simply exit WoW, go to the WoW folder on your PC and delete the Cache folder. Then open WoW again and your tooltips have to update to reflect the new values. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)Patch 7.1.5 - Prydaz ChangesThe buff come the item coming in 7.1.5 is feather to make it one of the best tanking legendaries out there, so... Soon™.Well I"m certain glad ns just acquired the ideal tanking trinket as a healer. Five boy!As a healer, you may not desire to use it yet the stats can still be thought about decent till you get a much better slotted item. Survivability does help everyone, despite what some players might say - no every items have the right to conform come simulations and discrepancies in logs while raising flat-out throughput damage.Wishing friend luck top top your following legendary (the mistweaver one comes in 7.1.5 watch to be pretty good)!Its constantly "in a future patch, or it"s coming. My concern is: Why is it essential to buff this legendary"s, why to be they placed out in their crap state in the first place?Not every legend is intended to it is in on equal footing - sometimes they room meant to change a play layout entirely, and also sometimes not. Occasionally we miss the note on them, together we have actually with the pair that have actually been buffed and nerfed.WoW is a life game, things adjust over time. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
(Forums / an abilities / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)Patch 7.1.5 Hunter ChangesGood to note that we room still iterating on 7.1.5, and we room by no means patch-complete at this point. Us aren"t ready to share our thoughts right here until the changes are completely implemented and players can see castle firsthand.Datamining is no something you have to be walking by 100% when giving feedback.Let"s it is in a bit much more decent with our conversation here. Forum/text coding has absolutely 0 to perform with our game development.From yesterday: https://twitter.com/WarcraftDevs/sta...21855439458305
Class updates because that Patch 7.1.5 are still in progress, v much more to come. Please keep that in mind if you"re looking at datamining.Yeah nah, heard the before. Remember the 7.1 talent swap adjust for Warlocks conversation you comment to, once, and never came back? Will think it when we watch it. Y"all gained some work to do to reclaim our faith.There space (literally) thousands of moving components within the greater human being of Warcraft machine. Gears don"t always turn smoothly - periodically they require a bit of a push and grease, and also sometimes they have to be disassembled completely which can takes time come retune and also repair them.Not to push off reference here, but there room times where we only have actually one point to to speak on existing iterations if we emphasis on future plans. This is rare and far between, but talent swapping is a great example the this. 7.1.5 is the present focus as soon as it comes to class and also talent changes. Let"s obtain these transforms out before we begin throwing point feedback the ends up an altering in a few days time. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Mage (Forums / an abilities / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)Patch 7.1.5 Fire changesAs a lengthy time fire mage player (among other classes, don"t pigeonhole me ), ns think it"s an extremely fair to say the spec essential some adjustments - that"s other I"ve heard in Trade and also Guild Chat because Legion day one (even the post over me is a player who boosted a mage because that this reason).While there room some (what ns personally feel) valid comes to with how adjustments affect investment right into Artifacts, our adjustments aren"t of the caliber that need to warrant "FIRE IS DEAD" gift screamed indigenous the mountaintops. We desire players to play the spec they want, and also not emphasis on convert in an the end of the FotM every spot cycle.Anyways, it"s great to keep in mind that we room still iterating on 7.1.5, and also we room by no method patch-complete in ~ this point. We space not right now in a state where we are all set to share in-depth thoughts on Fire till the changes are completely implemented.Datamining is not always something you must be walking by 100% when giving feedback - just something to store in mind.It"s worrying that you room trying to justification nerfs with points you hear native guild chat and trade chat. Reality of the matter is, fire is simply fine at the moment. It"s not as well strong, it"s not too weak. Just fine. Every logging metric in the civilization corroborates this, the only people screaming fire is OP are daily dungeon heroes and also trolls. Many thanks for communicating at least.There"s yes, really no difference between trying to justify nerfs through conversation ~ above the forums than through chats with players in game than through players on society Media. Every voice matters, and channel v a voice is just as valid together the next.Nerfs aren"t "justified" through conversation alone - in reality I think "justified" is a dangerous native to usage here. The developers are looking at tons of details when they do these adjustments. I"m not saying conversation didn"t impact changes at all (the previous to be my notes, and I"m no a developer), but there are much more than enough instances where human being laugh and also tell their other mages to it is in quiet or castle will gain them nerfed to cause a little of one eyebrow raise for myself.Ion talked about why the Bracers room being changed during BlizzCon. Friend can find information on that elsewhere, together I don"t have it readily easily accessible to repeat. Yet every load should it is in what you think about "middle that the pack" in an ideal world. Raid vs Mythic environments adjust this, the course, yet I don"t view Fire falling off the deep end because of this.In fact, with future an additional stat alters (talked about in the short article BlizzCon Q&A) i think equipment scaling will enhance ten fold, and also I foresee that these changes will in reality be far better long term.Let"s have a deeper discussion on this as soon as 7.1.5 transforms are finalized on the PTR, but I"ll conference the feedback here for now and send the over.Thank girlfriend again for a fast response! Yesterday felt an extremely grim, but after thinking about it, I have absolutely no reason to think this iteration that the PTR is final (and i am among the people who lived with the "jaw dropping damage" of burn Crusade). Ns don"t necessarily agree through the every voice matters, but, again, exactly how do you weigh the voice of these opinions come what wake up in practice? Mages aren"t exactly crushing it in Emerald Nightmare or psychological of Valor, they have actually their solid fights and also their weak fights, lock aren"t zero priests. By every metric, lock are just okay, middle of the pack. This is underscored through the truth that the legendary wrists are without doubt too powerful and is largely what props up mage performance.On a side keep in mind for the legend wrists. I recognize they were slated for a nerf this patch. I acquire it, lock absolutely were as well strong. I would just like to bring up the truth that their current iteration top top the ptr provides the proc useless. The nerf they received is incomparable come the nerfs various other over the height legendaries received (unholy wrists, destruction ring, etc.), lock are merely on a different order the magnitude. Together of ideal now, in a vacuum, the proc is practically not precious using. This is additional exacerbated by the remove of ice floes, which, for every intents and purposes, makes what when was the BIS legendary for fire mages absolutely worthless. Now, the is feasible there space further alters that mitigate this nerf (for example, making pyroblast just take 3 secs to cast, together an example), however as of appropriate now, the bracers are just a glorified stat stick in 7.1.5.Appreciate the feedback on the bracers. I"m not sure of the state of the legend item changes, castle could very well it is in in flux, too. I"ve taken keep in mind that you guys are not so happy with the change, and I"ll acquire that over the the advance team to gain some much more appropriate feedback both ways.As because that the every voice matters thing, that is just one of Blizzard"s core values, and something we, together a company, hold really dearly. Every piece of feedback problem as much as the next - great ideas deserve to come indigenous anywhere. That is indeed complicated to weigh the conversation top top both sides, but that"s part of my job and also so i take the seriously! as a quick example of the "in flux" standing of 7.1.5, us are right now testing a adjust to the Marquee Bindings the the sun King the would lug the damages down to 250% instead of 200% (down native 300% on live).Keep in mind the the PTR is not FINAL and also we space still trial and error numerous transforms to miscellaneous specs and items.(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)