The Great War was the first worldwide dispute of the industrial age and introduced on a wave of patriotic fervor and also optimism. As we commemoprice this Great War, Minifig Battleareas has produced faithful reproductions of the Trenches and also Battleareas for to tell stories making use of British, French and Germale minifigure soldiers. Compatible via various other well know brick brands, our army kits will certainly allow you to learn via visual art and animated stories.

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Trenches & Battlefields
Minifig Soldiers

Military techniques prior to WW1 faicaused keep pace via developments in innovation. These developments, especially on the Western Front in Europe, enabled the creation of solid defensive systems such as trenches, while barbed wire, artillery and machine guns made crossing the ground in in between, ‘no-mans-land’, very challenging. It was into this that soldiers of the significant powers on the Western Front, the Germans, the French and also the British, uncovered themselves put in 1914, equipped just with a rifle, bayonet and also grenades. From 1914 the British Empire Force had the Canadians, Australians and also New Zealanders. In 1917, the United States also gone into the war. Based on the unidevelops of the time, our Minifig Soldiers via high quality printed unidevelop architecture, have the right to be equipped with a wide variety of practice 3D printed headgear, weapons and also accessories, to recreate your story through the trenches and also across the battleareas of the Western Front.



Field Artillery & Machine Gun Sets

The major tools breakthroughs before WW1 were in machine weapons and also rapid-fire area artillery firearms. The modern-day machine gun arisen in the 1880s and 1890s was a belt-fed gun capable of firing 600 bullets per minute at a selection of even more than 900m. Growth in field artillery observed enhanced breech loading weapons incorporating recoil mechanisms, avoiding guns lurching out of place after each shell. For instance the French 75mm field gun remained in place enabling sustained firing on a target without readjustment. Machine weapons and rapid-firing artillery, as soon as offered in combination through trenches and barbed wire entanglements, offered an benefit to defence being able to decimate a frontal assault.


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Education Section With the commemoration of the 100 years of the start of the Great War, young world are gaining involved to tell their stories in college tasks roughly the country from photos and also letters found in the attic, to spoken stories handed dvery own. These jobs are fascinating, appealing and also well-off in content and also memories. How have the right to you tell your very own story and also leave a heritage.