“Jack of every Trades” Specialization: Increases consumable reload speed bonus indigenous 5% to 10%“Expert Marksman” Specialization: Increases turret rotation rate bonuses to +3 deg/s for smaller (139mm). “Smoke display screen Expert” Specialization: Increases smokescreen radius bonus by native 20% to 30%

So currently I need some assist where to placed him. The starts v 10 points.

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I have a 19 suggest captain on my Mino. Ns don"t really want to grind the mino again.

I have 15 points on mine fiji. Ns LOVE the Fiji yet again, I lose 6 points. 

I to be think possibly the Cossack. Thoughts?


I supplied Jack Dunkirk in my Fuji as it benefits the most from the special skills he has. You have the right to still train him up in the Cossack but assign him to the Fiji and use the existing Capt top top the DD line if you’re grind that.

Just mine $0.02. An excellent luck which ever you pick mate



what about putting him on Jervis, then between Jervis and Lightning"s leaders you have more choices for Cossack through slightly various skills.


Jervis would benefit greatly from skilled marksman provided the 18sec traverse without, when the other skills will aid prop increase Jervis.


that is assuming you have Jervis and Lightning.


my two space sat ~ above Minotaur and also Jervis respectively, though the one ~ above Minotaur is more a quick term solution.

I have actually him on Belfast, yes, really the perfect fit together I deserve to take benefit of every his skills.

Joat is a ability that is an excellent for basically any ship

EM is obviously good for slow-moving turrets, so BBs and also some the the previously cruisers, the high tier cruisers and dds don"t need it.

SSE is not really an excellent for anything various other than the cruisers, and even then i would never ever take it external of this one exception reason of his skill.

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Higher tier RN cruisers don"t need professional marksman. Suspect you run premium consumables, I"d additionally argue the JoAT isn"t really essential there either since is lug hydro(6s)/heal(4s)/repair(3s)/smoke (8s) or radar(6s) up 5% sooner really going to make a difference because they eat cits for this reason easily? SSE can be nice, yet not certain just just how much exhilaration firing you have the right to really execute these job without having to stop torps/radar and lots of human being can blind fire currently that the mini map period is in game. 

For DD"s EM"s not needed. SSE might be nice relying on if you have actually points left in her build. JoaT is kinda spotty since usually in a DD, one of two people you"ve used all of your consumables or you"ve only had to usage a mere pittance. I don"t recognize that repair/heal/smoke require to load faster. Hydro comes up 6s faster may allow you push an red sooner, but is it precious the points? 

For BB"s, EM"s always nice. JoAT deserve to be said since the moment reduction because that repair/heal isn"t the large, yet if you"re no sitting in the ago and space tanking fire, then that extra 6/4s might let you live longer. SSE of food isn"t usable.

Also v 0.8.0 dropping soon, we might see a transition in captain skills because the the alters to AA and concealment. If that"s the situation then girlfriend may have a excess of points the you have the right to now take benefit of or worse case there aren"t going come be any type of spare points since you need to take AA skills. If that"s the case, then put him in the ship wherein as countless of those buffed an abilities are a vital part of your build and also don"t watch to placed him on a ship because such and such would be nice to have.