The NEW Swimwearthat doubles as Lingerie!

Our mesh arsenal has an impressive lineup in our selection – it takes sexy swimwear to a totality new level. Leave little to the creativity while letting with that beautiful sunlit to offer your skin a wonderful sun-blessed goddess look and feel.

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We know that you will certainly look truly remarkable on the beach in your swimwear yet you will double this as your new lingerie in the bedroom. Placed your sexy on in the bedroom through mesh – you will gain those hearts racing once you are on display.

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With 4 various Top Cuts & 4 Different Bottom CutsYou have the right to mix and match your coverage

MICRO CUTTOPSLevel 1 Coverage(Most Coverage)
PETITE CUTTOPSLevel 2 Coverage(Less Coverage)
SUPER MICRO CUTTOPSLevel 3 Coverage(Even Less Coverage)
ZERO CUTTOPSLevel 4 Coverage(Bacount Any Coverage)
MICRO CUTBOTTOMSLevel 1 Coverage(Many Coverage)
The leader in Australian Made Micro Bikini is Your #1 Choice in Micro Swimwear Shop & Sexy Bikini Island

Because we style and also make our swimsuits and swimwear best right here in Brisbane, our ultra high top quality swimwear is second to none. Our team ensures that eexceptionally v-string, g-string and micro bikini, mesh and also male swimsuit is sindicate perfect. We mail our bikini’s, swimwear and also swimsuits all around the human being. You have the right to buy all of our deindications straight from ourvirtual store.

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Much of our arsenal has actually been photographed by exceptional photographers from around the civilization in remarkable locations adorned on beautiful woguys.


♦️Designer Micro Swimwear