Discus and support WLAN Autoconfig issues in Windows 10 Drivers and also Hardware to fix the problem; Hi,event viewer describes this as a issue: WLAN Extensibility Module has failed to start.Module Path: C:WINDOWSSystem32cmihvsrv64.dllError...Discussion in "Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware" began by CaitlinG.P, Nov 9, 2020.

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Windows might not start the WLAN AutoConfig organization on neighborhood Computer I need some help to gain my wireless connection to job-related again. After current Windows 10 Update, mine wireless link no much longer works. I've done part troubleshooting and I have ruled the end my ISP, cable modem, and also router, leave the concern to be something within the computer (Dell laptop - Inspiron 7537).The wired connection works fineWhen ns run home windows Network Diagnosis, it speak me that the home windows Wireless company is not running (see attached pdf report)When I try to manually start the WLANSVC service, i gain an error blog post that states "Windows can not start the WLAN AutoConfig organization on Local computer Error 193:0xc1" (see attached)When I try to manually start the WLANSVC organization from the command note (as Admin) I acquire a slightly various message that states "The WLAN AutoConfig business is starting. The WLAN AutoConfig organization could no be started. A system error has occurred. System error 193 has occurred. *** is no a valid Win32 application." (see attached)I've download the latest Intell PROset Wireless vehicle drivers from Dell (V18.20.0.9) because that the Wireless-N 7260 wireless network adapter and have uninstalled and also reinstalled the drivers. This didn't help.I've attached some screenshots and a pdf copy the the windows Network Diagnostics report.

WLAN AutoConfig stopped Auto Connecting
Hello Taylor,I realize that the WLAN AutoConfig is not starting automatically also after setting it come automatic. We will aid you.Did you examine if the plane radio switch is turn On?Are you facing this problem after any type of recent update installed?Did friend make any type of recent alters prior to the issue?This concern might have caused due to incorrect or outdated driver for the device in windows to role normally.Lets try the below steps and check if the issue resolves.Step 1: As you have actually already set the service to automatic, examine if all the dependencies are likewise running. Try the steps to inspect Dependencies.Right-click on WLAN Autoconfigand select Properties.Click ~ above Dependencies, girlfriend will find all the dependency solutions under crate labeled this company depends on the adhering to system components.Step 2: run an inbuilt Network troubleshooterand examine if the concern persists.Press windows + X key and choose Control Panel.Type troubleshooting and also select troubleshooting.Click on watch all on the left pane and selectNetwork adapter.Follow the on-screen steps and also check.Step 3: If still you are encountering issues, thenuninstall and also reinstall the drivers and check if the issue persists.Click start.Type devmgmt.msc in Search and select it.In Network adapter you will discover the device,right click on it and select the choice uninstall.

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WLAN Autoconfig issues

WLAN Autoconfig grounding in "Stopping" condition after Win10 update
Hi, To resolve your concern, monitor the procedures below: Right click on the Start switch found at the lower left hand edge of her screen. Go to job Manager. Click the Processes tab. Top top the perform of processes, look for WLAN Autoconfig. Right click, and click on End task. As soon as done, find for services.msc. Click WLAN Autoconfig. Confirm that your Startup type is Automatic, andService status is Started.