I really choose the new Unearthed Arcana: 3 Subclasses, but I think they require a couple of changes. Right here is my take on the Inventor. What carry out you think?I really choose playing the Lore Master, and also I don\"t think that is overpowered, yet I recognize that some human being think otherwise. The Inventor is really similar, and so this variation is a mix of the two, trying to make the Inventor an ext invent-y and also bring in several of the great things the the Lore Master.I also included a homebrew feat into the subclass, for cantrips.I will include some of my very own thoughts in through the text.First, for every spellcasters:SpellcastingInstant Concentration You may cast any kind of Concentration spell there is no concentration. Its expression is shortened come 1 round and it does no interrupt various other concentration. Concentration spells through a term of 1 round or a casting time of better than 1 activity are no eligible for this feature.Arcane Tradition institution of InventionSchool of invention FeaturesWizard Level Feature2nd Arcanomechanical Armor, speculative Casting, Inventive Spellcasting6th Cantrip Master, Swap assignment Parts10th Prodigious Inspiration14th Expoert Experimentation Arcanomechanical Armor development is a danger practice, at least as much as members the this school exercise it. Together a shield versus this risk, you have actually learned come act quickly and use armor to protect yourself indigenous spells gone awry. Beginning at 2nd level, you add your knowledge score rather than Dexterity to initiative rolls and you obtain proficiency with tool armor and shields, and while wielding a shield you deserve to use her reaction to include its AC bonus to conserving throws girlfriend make against magic.Comments: I eliminated the attunement tax and the weird force damages protection and replaced it with medium and also and shields, through a Shield Master-like defense against magic. Ns feel choose this is much less annoying and much more unique, and also still it s okay at the idea of protection without the \"I\"m-a-Mech\" feeling. Likewise, I included the Lore Master\"s plan change, which i think fits the theme of acting quickly to stop damage. Experimental Casting together an inventor, you learn spells in different way from other wizards. Spell Pages once you sign up with the school of creation at 2nd level, you include to your spellbook a page of speculative spells for each level that spells you can cast, including one because that cantrips. On each page, girlfriend inscribe recaps of 9 magician spells that your selection which space not in her spellbook, according to the level of the page. Number each page\"s spells 1 come 9. Anytime you get the capacity to learn wizard spells the a higher level, you add another web page with a list for the spell level. Unpredictable Casting together an action you may attempt to cast spells from one of these pages. Expend a assignment slot equivalent the page level. Roll 2d10, spreading the spells equivalent the number rolled. If you roll a 10, you cast the prestidigitation cantrip. After rolling in this method you might use your reaction to abort her spell casting, spreading no spells, losing your order slot, and losing your action. If you actors two Concentration spells through this action, you might concentrate top top both. Learning Spells of 1st Level and Higher Unlike various other wizards, you perform not include two brand-new wizard spells the your choice to your spellbook when you obtain a level in this class. As soon as you acquire a wizard level, you replace two the your speculative spells with new wizard spells that the exact same level and write the old ones into your spellbook to it is in prepared prefer normal. Any kind of other time girlfriend would discover a spell, such as by copying another spellbook, you an in similar way replace a same-level experimental spell through the new spell and write the old spell into your spellbook for preparation.Comments: I like the spreading tables idea a lot, but to do it much less like Wild Magic and an ext like careful wizard preparation, I permit the player to choose the spells on the lists, and also they go all the way to 9th level. I eliminated the \"waste your action to usually gain one arbitrarily spell\" idea and instead you obtain an 80% chance of spreading two arbitrarily spells, with a puff-of-smoke cantrip the other 20%.I also adjusted the means spells are learned. This is a major change. Keep in mind that the Inventor currently learns brand-new spells a level later than other wizards, as if he had multiclassed. However, that does get accessibility to brand-new spells through random rolling. I think this limitation help to save the feature, and also the remainder of the subclass, balanced.

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Inventive Spellcasting At second level, you learn to invent new varieties of her spells. As soon as you obtain this function at second level, select one 2nd-level damage type according come the Damage type table. When you cast a spell, you can use her bonus activity or reaction to change its damage to this type. When you with 6th, 10th, and also 14th level, you might choose an additional damage type, of the level or lower. Damages TypeAt Level X, select one the Y2nd poison, fire, cold6th lightning, acid10th necrotic, thunder14th psychic, radiant, force Comments: This is prefer the Lore Master, an altering damage types for free, but restricted by level. The damage types are sorted by resistance and immunity frequency. No more changing everything to pressure damage. And you have actually to pick what varieties you want to use in advance: a ready wizard. Swap assignment Parts At 6th level, you discover to transform her spells to produce new effects. When you actors a spell, you deserve to expend one added spell slot to alter the spell. The impact depends top top the assignment slot you expend: Accuracy. Expend a order slot. Your spell attack bonus and spell conserve DC increase by the level of the order slot you expend. Range. Expend a assignment slot. The variety of her spell boosts to the spell\"s variety * the level that the spell slot friend expend. A touch spell boosts to a variety of 5 * the order slot level.You may expand a variety of me to Touch by expending spell slots with full level same to the spell\"s level. Because that a Concentration spell, one of two people you or your target deserve to concentration top top it, your choice. Ability.

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You adjust the conserving throw capacity of her spell.A 1st-level slot transforms it come Constitution. A 2nd-level slot alters it come Charisma, Dexterity, Strength, or Wisdom. A 3rd-level slot transforms it to intelligence or allows you to do a spell strike roll instead. Comments: A combination of Inventor and Lore Master, broadened to allow high-level assignment slot expenditure, so that scales, a new Self-to-Touch feature, and also saving throw changes based on spell slot, not per rest favor the Lore Master. Cantrip Master additionally at sixth level you have actually learned to enhance your cantrips. Once you cast a scaling cantrip through one damages roll, girlfriend may include your ability bonus come that damage roll. Once you actors a non-scaling damage cantrip, the damage increases by 1dX at 5th, 11th, and 17th level if its benefit is no used throughout the same activity as Extra Attack. For any cantrip the does no deal damage, impose conditions, or offer (dis)advantage or resistance:You may disregard the Concentration requirements of one such active cantrip. You may actors it together a bonus action or reaction. Starting at 11th level, you may double cast it, likewise doubling boundaries on coincided effects. Comments: This attribute is very closely worded to protect against unintended combinations. It rises cantrips generally, to do them an ext interesting at greater levels, but avoids adding damaging power. Prodigious Inspiration at 10th level, you have actually attained a greater mastery of spell preparation. Together a bonus action, you deserve to replace one spell you have actually prepared with one more spell from her spellbook. Friend can’t use this capacity again till you complete a brief or lengthy rest. Comments: Unchanged.Expert Experimentation beginning at 14th level, friend may include any class\"s spells to your experimental spell pages. This spells space wizard spell for you.Comments: readjusted to gain the feel of the limited-wish idea of the Lore master with the experimental feel the the Inventor, without the weird rise effect of the Inventor.