Few places in Witcher 3 are as celebrated and as famous as Kaer Morhen, the stone keep where Witchers were made and trained for centuries. With numerous quests, treasures and mysteries surrounding Kaer Morhen and the kingdom of Kaedwen, it"s understandable why you"d want to get there as soon as possible. We"ll show you how, as well as how you can fast travel there afterwards.

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How to Get to Kaer Morhen

The earliest point you"ll get to Kaer Morhen is actually the very start of the game, where Geralt is cheerfully bathing and spending time with Yennefer and Ciri. However, this only constitutes the tutorial, whereas afterwards you"ll be sent to White Orchard as part of the main plot.

Kaer Morhen doesn"t actually become available for proper exploration until a certain point in the main story, namely until Geralt finishes the branching main plotlines in Velen, Skellige and Novigrad. This will take a while, especially if you"re inclined to do side quests, so it may be wise to accept that Kaer Morhen is only really approachable in the mid-to-late game.

How to Fast Travel to Kaer Morhen

Fortunately, once Kaer Morhen is unlocked, you can go back to it and the surrounding region as much as you like. Being its own region, you can"t just travel there on a horse or foot, you"ll have to fast travel. You can do that the same way you"d fast travel anywhere, by going to the nearest signpost (marked green on your map), then going into the world map from there and selecting Kaer Morhen in the top-right. Then choose any of the signposts in that area to fast travel there.

Geralt"s first bath at Kaer Morhen is the last time you"ll be there for a while. | Joel Franey/carolannpeacock.com, CD Projekt Red

Of course, there"s a lot of other places to see besides Kaer Morhen. If you"re enjoying the soft fragrances and rich wines of Toussaint, why not see our guide to romance in the Blood and Wine DLC? Alternatively, you might want to learn how to bring down some of the game"s most powerful villains, such as Dettlaff the Elder Vampire.

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