Thanks to the success that The Witcher ~ above Netflix, plenty of players space either learning CD Projekt’s seminal RPG The Witcher 3 for the first time or reprising their role as Geralt that Rivia in 2020. Once attempting to handle the Scavenger Hunt: Griffin School equipment side quest in Velen, however, the adventure deserve to take a revolve for the worse have to you uncover yourself unable to accessibility Lornruk lighthouse. If you’re stuck at this suggest in the game, all you need to do is stick through our The Witcher 3 find the damages of the fortress by the lighthouse objective guide and we’ll have you earlier up and also running in no time.

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How come access Lornruk lighthouse in The Witcher 3


After embarking on the Scavenger Hunt: Griffin School gear side search in The Witcher 3, you’ll eventually reach what shows up to be an impasse.

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At the sheet of a cliff is a bridge resulting in Lornruk lighthouse, despite the lighthouse drawbridge is up and also seemingly the area is inaccessible together a result. V the employment of a small ingenuity, however, that’s not the case.

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There room a pair of options available when it concerns reaching the lighthouse:

The Witcher 3 how to run to Lornruk lighthouse

Sprint down the left side of the bridge causing the lighthouseWhen nearing the end, veer appropriate in order come jump towards a rocky outcrop just right of the drawbridgeIf done correctly, Geralt will certainly grab on, at which suggest you have the right to climb the wall and get in Lornruk lighthouse

If girlfriend didn’t do the jump, don’t worry, together you can additionally gain access via the water.

The Witcher 3 how come swim to Lornruk lighthouse

Drop native the leg or cliff challenge into the water and navigate come the location of strength on a small island to her rightPass the location of strength to re-enter the water, then automatically dive and swim to her rightYou should be able to see an underwater cavern entrance, despite if no it should also appear on your mini-mapSwim with the cave and also then rise your means up to the lighthouse