The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Gwent: To Everything – Turn, Turn, Tournament

This search is acquired instantly the first time you win a Skellige card by playing Gwent in Toussaint - most likely at the Cockatrice Inn during The Beast of Toussaint.

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Head to The Pheasantry, an inn to the southern of The Gran’location in Beauclair. Speak to the count – the most basic method to acquire tbelow is to take the stairs from the west. He’ll describe wbelow this mysterious new factivity came from – great on CD Projekt RED for explaining why the canon has actually suddenly increased.

Once Geralt has all the goss from the optional dialogue you deserve to ask to sign up, and also the count will provide you a basic deck. Depending on exactly how many kind of and also which cards you’ve won so much, this might provide you an excellent enough deck to contend. Otherwise, go away and also win as many kind of Skellige cards as you can; check out the Gwent: Never before Fear, Skellige"s Here pursuit page for some tips.

When you have a great sufficient deck, report ago to the count and he’ll say the tournament starts in two days.

Playing Gwent as Skellige

If you haven’t yet obtained a take care of on the Skellige deck, make sure you’ve done your homeoccupational before you come back! Practice with Basil at your residence base, perhaps.

We"ve already discussed properly playing versus Skellige, but playing as Skellige deserve to be equally tough.

If you"re a seasoned Gwent player, offered to a full Northern Realms or Nilfgaard deck, the comparative absence of Medic and also Spy cards can be painful - you really just have actually your initial draw to count on. On the various other hand also, Monster players will understand also how to use Muster successfully, and also Scoia"tael champions will certainly know the value of hitting tough and quick, and also fighting ago via Scorch.

The vital to playing as Skellige is not to spreview yourself as well thin. Try to pick one or 2 killer combos – berserkers, warships or shield maidens, probably – and also leave the remainder of your cards at residence, or you’ll finish up via fifty percent of each collection and nothing to present for your pains.

It’s really necessary to think around your redraws carefully; you don’t need berserk cards if you haven’t gained the cause, for instance, and also you can’t bank on a second card in a set turning up later. You need to likewise discard anypoint you can draw via a Muster card, because, well, you have the right to draw it via a Muster card.

Skellige is all about going in hard and also fast via raids - tiny groups of powerful combos. One of the finest tactics to usage against any kind of deck other than one more Skellige is to force a quick pass in the initially round, entice your enemy into dropping a lot of rubbish in the second, and also then throwing the second round to take advantage of the 3rd. If you have actually the Cow or Kambri card, throwing one or preferably both dvery own in the second is disastrous for the third round.

Cerys or Gaunter O"Dimm will virtually always cause an immediate pass from your foe in round one, also if they went initially, as lengthy as their initially card wasn"t also helpful (it seldom is). If you have either of these cards in your initial attract, attempt to remove their Muster pals in your discard so you get added units on the table at no expense.

An different trick if you have your Drummond Shield Maidens and Cerys is to play the shield maidens beforehand, then use Crach an Craite"s leader ability to shuffle your graveyard into your deck at the begin of a subsequent round, and play Cerys to gain the myster cards out aobtain. Be incredibly wary of Scorch via this one!

Winning the Tournament

When you rerotate for the tournament, you’ll uncover the tavern besieged by dwarven protesters. Make a conserve prior to speaking to the count so you can try aget if you mess up, as unfortunately there"s no save allude from right here until the end of 4 rounds of cards.

Endure the introductions. You deserve to optionally bet your sword on the initially enhance (although there appears to be a bug here, as I determined this every time, however on one occasion the game acted as if I didn’t). Your initially adversary offers Monsters, which indicates your ideal bet is to lug several Scorch cards to smash his Musters. Because the Monsters deck does use Musters, don’t carelessly use Crach an Craite’s capacity to shuffle earlier right into the graveyard, but carry out take benefit of your 3rd round advantage by tricking him into throwing his finest cards during the second round, if feasible.

It transforms out you won’t have to play as many type of matches as originally forecast, so your second adversary is a Nilfgaard player. Therefore, bring plenty of Decoy cards and be very conservative in placing cards on the table, to help counter his many type of spies. If you play a number of of his spies ago at him in a hand, usage Crach an Craite’s capability to take them out of his graveyard wright here he can’t rez them via medics. Aobtain, if you have the right to win the first round with a cheeky muster, throw the second to gain him to use up some of his cards, and also you’ll acquire 2 added units for the third round, which is a assist.

Success or shed the first two matches, the tournament is interrupted by the protesters. The resulting brawl’s a little difficult because you can’t block clubs via your bare hands; simply dodge and also make sure the 3 dwarves don’t block you up against a wall. When you’ve bconsumed everyone up you deserve to talk the dwarves down. If you indicate a drink, points finish specifically amicably.

If you won the 2 matches so far, you currently confront the count. (If you are not, I don"t know what happens; I rage quit and also reloaded my conserve because I am the eternal emperor of Gwent.) The count plays through Skellige so you’re expecting plenty of Musters and also Bonds; lug Scorch, as through Monsters. The count usually carries as much as two Scorches, too. Try to pressure a win in 2 rounds if you can, as you won’t have an benefit in the 3rd.

Finally, you’ll be playing Yaki, that fronts a Scoia’tael deck. Scoia’tael is a really well balanced deck so there’s no evident weakness to exploit; you have to bully Yaki via Musters and usage Crach an Craite’s capability to store his Medics dvery own throughout the second or maybe 3rd round. As a Scoia’tael player Yaki can be supposed to have actually at leastern one Scorch in reserve. If you’ve obtained a single berserker and also the appropriate cause, this can tempt him to usage it early. As ever before, throw the second round for an advantage in the 3rd. This isn’t as hard as the Nilfgaard or Skellige matches, to my mind.

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Here"s a video clip of me beating Yaki, complete via torturously long pausage for thought in the second round (sorry):

For your pains you earn a gold trophy and also a feeling of good satisfaction. Well done you.