"Visit different wind wind turbines in a single match" is just one of the brand also new Fortnite weekly difficulties obtainable currently. To complete this difficulty though, you"re going to need to track down 5 Fortnite wind generator locations, and visit them all in a solitary enhance. Here"s our guide on how to do just that.

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Fortnite Wind Turbine Locations

So carry out complete this Fortnite challenge, you must visit 5 wind wind turbines in a single match. Luckily for you though, they"re exceptionally close together. Check out the map below for wright here to find all the Fortnite wind wind turbine locations.

All the Fortnite wind turbine areas. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Epic Games

If you"re going to complete this difficulty, we"d actually recommend holding off at first. You"ll desire to land also somewhere not much away from Pleasant Park, that"s less lived in, and also then go in for the five wind turbines after gathering together all the weapons and healing items that you have the right to lug. This provides you a far better chance of survival than ssuggest running between all 5 as quickly as possible.

Note that once you find a Fortnite wind generator, you"ll have to climb to the exceptionally optimal of it to found it as being "went to." There"s a little platcreate that you can stand on best at the incredibly optimal of each wind turbine, and you"ll should acquire to this in order to tick a wind wind turbine off the list.

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