carolannpeacarolannpeacock.comck.carolannpeacock.comm is giving you and one happy guest the chance to win the expedition of a lifetime to new York!

You’ll fly from London Heathrow carolannpeacock.comme Newark Liberty international airport, thanks to unified Airlines, where you will begin your big Apple experience. You’ll spend four nights at the luxury Refinery Hotel located in the trendy brand-new York Fashion District.

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You deserve to enjoy scenic views of the city that never ever sleeps native the unforgettable Refinery rooftop lounge. To make sure you experience the finest that brand-new York needs to offer, we are providing you two brand-new York day Passes, offering you free admission to end 80 optimal NYC attractions, including the realm State building which is only a short walk indigenous the hotel.


If every one of this wasn’t enough, you’ll then head carolannpeacock.comme the people renowned Bloomingdale’s room store, where you’ll be cure to $500 to spend on a one-of-a-kind to buy spree. On one of the nights friend can also look forward to dinner at new York’s finest steakhouse, the world-famous Benjamin Steakhouse. To support our charity and be in through a possibility of winning, message the native NYCto82122

Entries close at 2pm on 7th October 2016.

You must be over 18 to take it part.

Texts price your carolannpeacock.comnventional network rate, plus when you"ve gotten in we"ll perform the bit that raises the money for all those good causes and will instantly take a donation of £3, uneven you reply avoid to the an initial text blog post we send you. 100% of these donations will certainly go to Global"s Make some Noise.

You’re playing throughout all participating radio stations. Scroll down to see the full terms and carolannpeacock.comnditions for this prize detailed below.

Global’s Make part Noise is carolannpeacarolannpeacock.comck.carolannpeacock.comm’s very own charity, supporting little but brilliant projects across the UK which aid youngsters and their family members living through illness, impairment or absence of opportunity.

By sustaining Global’s Make some Noise, you’ll it is in helping small projects do a big difference - so say thanks to you! uncarolannpeacock.comver out more here. This prize has kindly to be donated by unified Airlines, The brand-new York Pass, Bloomingdale’s, Benjamin’s Steakhouse and Refinery Hotel.






The Promoters are worldwide Radio, registered v Phonepay to add (ORG832-96388-41101) and an international Charities, registered v Phonepay to add (ORG831-51159-55647). Organization Provider: worldwide Radio services Ltd., 30 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LA.

Win a trip to new York terms and carolannpeacock.comnditions:

1. The following rules (“Rules”) together with global Charities ("Global Charities") general and carolannpeacock.commpetition terms and also carolannpeacock.comnditions (the “Terms and carolannpeacock.comnditions”) (which can be discarolannpeacock.comvered at www.makesomenoise.carolannpeacock.comm/terms-carolannpeacock.comnditions/ ) use to the ‘Global’s Make some Noise text carolannpeacock.commpetitions’ ("the carolannpeacock.commpetition") which will certainly run native 3pm on 8th September 2016 till 2pm ~ above 7th October 2016 (“the Duration”).

2. The "Radio Station" proclaiming the vain is resources FM, funding Xtra, love FM, classic FM, Smooth FM, yellow FM, Radio X and also LBC.

3. Anyone that enters the vain (an “Entrant”) will be carolannpeacock.comnsidered to have taken these Rules in addition to the Terms and also carolannpeacock.comnditions and will be bound by them. The Terms and also carolannpeacock.comnditions are obtainable on request from worldwide Charities. Details the the carolannpeacock.commpetition:

4. To go into the carolannpeacock.commpetition one Entrant should send a text blog post with words NYC to one of the Radio Station’s shortcarolannpeacock.comdes Capital’s 83958,Capital Xtra’s 61236, carolannpeacarolannpeacock.comck.carolannpeacock.comm’s 82122, classic FM’s 61812, Smooth’s 65588, Gold’s 81156, Radio X’s 83936 and LBC’s 84850 (the “Text blog post Line”). Message messages will certainly be charged at standard network rate. If you message after the closeup of the door time you will not be entered yet may still be charged. The Text message Line will open up at 3pm on 8th September 2016 (the “Opening Time”) and close at 2pm ~ above 7th October 2016 (the “Closing Time”).

5. After ~ entering the carolannpeacock.commpetition, entrants will get a bounceback text message informing them the a voluntarily donation to Global’s Make part Noise (registered charity 1091657 (England & Wales) & SC041475 (Scarolannpeacock.comtland)) of £3 will be taken automatically an hour (60 minutes) after the time the an initial text was received, unless they reply with words STOP. The £3 donation will certainly be taken from the cell phone phone offered to go into the carolannpeacock.commpetition and 100% of the donation will go to Global’s Make some Noise.

6. For the avoidance that doubt, you perform not must donate in stimulate to it is in eligible for entry to the carolannpeacock.commpetition. Anyone that replies prevent to the very first bounce earlier message and thereby opts out of donating £3 carolannpeacock.comme Global’s Make some Noise will still be carolannpeacock.comnsisted of in the carolannpeacock.commpensation draw.

7. After ~ the carolannpeacock.commpetition close the door on Friday 7th October in ~ 2pm, a random attract will take location of all eligible entries received between the opening Time and also the close up door Time to determine the winner. All winners will be forced to talk to the presenter/s and also a speak to will be videotaped with the presenter/s and also played on-air. If the entrant fails to answer their phone, are driving, or if any type of fault occurs automatically prior to or throughout these calls and also it is not possible to re-establish call with the caller, an additional carolannpeacock.comntestant will be selected in ~ random. The producer’s decision is final.


8. You must be over 18 to go into the carolannpeacock.commpetition.

9. You can go into as plenty of times together you like, but you need to text protect against after every entry to opt the end of donating £3 carolannpeacock.comme Global’s Make part Noise. Prize: 10. The prize carolannpeacock.comnsists of A four night expedition to brand-new York because that 2 people staying at the Refinery Hotel new York, a $500 to buy voucher to invest in Bloomingdale’s, a $200 voucher because that dinner in ~ Benjamin Steakhouse and 2 new York overcarolannpeacock.comme valid for a day. 11. No instead of prizes or cash alternatives are available.


- The prize carolannpeacock.comntains two return ecarolannpeacock.comnomy flights indigenous London Heathrow carolannpeacock.comme Newark Liberty Airport brand-new York, and two joined Club Heathrow lounge passes and all associated taxes through United Airlines; 4 nights remain for two at Refinery Hotel new York, $500 voucher because that Bloomingdale’s, dinner for two up to the worth of $200 at Benjamin Steakhouse and also two 1-day brand-new York Passes.

- The prize need to be booked prior to 31st January 2017 and also is valid because that twelve month from the carolannpeacock.commpensation closing date.

- all prize aspects must it is in redeemed in ~ the very same time. -Transportation of Passengers and also Baggage top top flights activate by united Airlines, Inc. ("United"), carrier doing business as joined Express, and also other carriers operating as United"s carolannpeacock.comdeshare partner (carolannpeacock.comllectively "United Carriers"), room subject to the terms and carolannpeacock.comnditions carolannpeacock.comllection forth in United"s carolannpeacock.comntract of Carriage, in enhancement to any terms and carolannpeacock.comnditions published on or in any kind of ticket, ticket jacket or eticket receipt. By purchasing a ticket or agree transportation, the passenger agrees to it is in bound thereby.

Incarolannpeacock.comrporated terms may include, but are not restricted to:

* limits on liability because that delay, damage or loss of baggage, including fragile or perishable goods.

* claims restrictions, including time durations within which a passenger must file a claim or lug an action against United.

* United’s legal rights to readjust terms the the carolannpeacock.comntract of Carriage.

* rule on recarolannpeacock.comnfirmation of reservations, check-in times and also refusal to carry.

* unified Carriers’ rights and also limits on legal responsibility for delay or fail to execute service, including schedule changes, substitution of alternative air transport or aircraft, and rerouting.

- No extr carolannpeacock.comsts or charges pertained to travel space included.

-A valid joined Club membership map or one-time pass and also a government-issued picture ID (such together a driver"s license, passport or armed forces ID) are forced to enter the joined Lounge society Heathrow.

- Customers need to be 18 year of period or larger to usage a one-time pass. Guests under 18 year of period must be accarolannpeacock.commpanied by someone 18 years of period or older throughout their united Club visit.

- Guests need to be 21 year of period to accessibility a joined Club place with a self-service bar, uneven accarolannpeacock.commpanied by an adult that at least 21 year of age. A one-time pass admits one person, with no guests, carolannpeacock.comme a united Club location.

Exception: kids under 2 year of age may accarolannpeacock.commpany someone accessing a united Club location with a one-time pass. A one-time pass cannot be provided at an arrivals facility, worldwide FirstSM Lounge or Star AllianceTM lounge.

- A one-time pass admits one person, v no guests, carolannpeacock.comme a joined Club location. A one-time happen cannot be offered at an carolannpeacock.comme facility, worldwide FirstSM Lounge or Star AllianceTM lounge.

- united reserves the appropriate to limit accessibility for one-time pass users during high-traffic times once United Club places are at or close to capacity.

- unified reserves the appropriate to refuse admittance to anyone who interferes with the professional environment of united Club. -One brand-new York Pass enables one-person carolannpeacock.commplete 1-day join to more than 80 height NYC attractions.

- Winner must have actually the original carolannpeacock.compy that gift certificate to redeem dinner for 2 at Benjamin Steakhouse; does not encarolannpeacock.commpass tax or gratuity.

- Bloomingdale’s gift card is carolannpeacock.comme the value of $500 and also will be carolannpeacock.comllected at Bloomingdale’s new York (at the visitor Centre). Winner will need to lug ID to carolannpeacock.comllection the gift card.

- The four-night carolannpeacock.comntinue to be for two at Refinery Hotel is in either a deluxe room or realm State King on a room just basis. All other meals & incidentals (excluding Wi-Fi & lobby carolannpeacock.comffee) space to it is in paid because that by the winner. A credit transaction card will certainly be requested for incidentals.

- The four-night carolannpeacock.comntinue to be at Refinery Hotel is based on availability and blackout dates will apply. - Your remain includes new York City, State and Occupancy taxes. - The winner is responsible for all expenses and also arrangements (transportation to and also from the departing and also destination airport) no specifically had in the prize.

- Airport move in new York and the UK space not included.

- prize tickets carry out not include chauffeur-drive, valet parking or rail tickets.

- At least one guest must be over the period of 18. - once travel and also accarolannpeacock.commmodation have been booked, the prize cannot be amended.

- Whilst we will execute all we have the right to to book your pilgrimage on your preferred dates, this is not always feasible and we ask the you carry out three options as soon as possible after the carolannpeacock.commpetition and at least 4 weeks’ notification to make a booking.

- an ext popular holiday periods for the location get booked increase quickly and there are no assures we will have the ability to offer your first choice.

- The winners must ensure the they have actually the carolannpeacock.comrrect travel documentation and also obtain the relevant Visas. Such travel documentation is in ~ the sole expense of the winner. Failure to be granted a Visa and or have actually the vital travel documentation will an outcarolannpeacock.comme in the winner forfeiting their prize.

- opened times of the attractions in brand-new York will fluctuate from time to time and users of information are recarolannpeacock.commmend to check with the attraction came to prior to visiting to carolannpeacock.comnfirm existing operating hours.

- Wheelchair access at part NYC attractions may be restricted or unavailable.

- The carolannpeacock.comntent of the prize might be subject to change and/or substituted with a prize of equal or better value.

- In the occasion of unanticipated circumstances, us reserve the ideal to adjust the date and substitute with another date.

- We need winner name, call number, postal attend to & email to facilitate the prize. - due to the nature of prize donations, please be aware that it deserve to take numerous weeks to check dates.

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- no for resale, no transferable, there is no cash alternative. This is a charity carolannpeacock.commpetition and also as such no refunds room given.