I know, we’re all sick of hearing ‘Let it Go’ and also have just about had it through all the songs from Disney’s man movie Frozen. The said, there are a few cute parodies and a couple of dark and also twisted ones out there the you may have actually not yet seen. Below are six various takes ~ above the song do You Wanna build A Snowman? Three are cute and also have part seriously great singing voices and also three are simply downright disturbing. In a good way.

Frozen Parodies

The Cute Ones

Do friend Wanna it is in My Boyfriend?A cute stalker’s’ take it on the track with lovely vocals by the adorable buy it Nguyen native BarkadaInc:

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Do girlfriend Wanna acquire A Beer Man?by Tommy Chuang

Do you Wanna walk To Starbucks?Two student from allude Loma Nazarene college (out of san Diego) dive into the life the a college student throughout finals week:

The Creepy Ones

Will You aid Me Hide A Body?Most posts of this just share the very first stanza.

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Here’s the whole fabulous song (audio only) by mar Medley,

Lyrics:Will you assist me hide a body?C’mon us can’t delayNo one can see the on the floor,Get him the end the door,Before he can decay!

I assumed you were my buddyWe won’t acquire caughtJust assist me and don’t asking why

Will you help me hide a body?It didn’t need to be in one piece.

(Go away, Anna)

Oh dear, why…

Won’t you help me hide a body?This one’s to be knocked out because last FallI think his company is overdueIt’s about time us threwHis body under the well

(Stay under there, Joan.)

It it s okay a small lonelyDigging up all these gravesOut in the night by myself…(Ugh, we’re already running out of room in this caves!)

Elsa, please I recognize you’re in thereYou’ve been hiding all these yearsThey say, “don’t cry” and I have tried toHide bodies without youNow I’m the end of tears

I’ve eliminated mother and fatherNow it’s simply you and also meWhat space you gonna do?

Won’t you aid me hide your bodies?

I’m coming because that you, Elsa….Download the mp3 here

Do you Wanna carry out Some blow Man?From Frozen’s execute You Wanna construct a Snowman, Bree Essrig & Brett Erlich voice this chillingly real video about two sisters who relationship has actually gone cold: execute You Wanna do Some Blow, Man. Who knew Elsa and Anna were right into that kinda thing? (Thumbnail not appearing, but video clip is there, click the beat arrow).