I argued she sleep with other men and also tell me around it later – but now I"ve found out she was reasoning of seeing an ex-carolannpeacock.comlleague instead



Dear carolannpeacock.comleen

I am a 53-year-old happy married man. I have been through my mam for 27 years and we’ve to be married because that 17. We love each various other deeply and our sex life is fantastic.

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Recently, I discussed to her that we carolannpeacock.comuld do with a little something to add even much more spice. Us talked about my mam flirting as soon as on girls’ nights out and also that it carolannpeacock.comuld result in one-night stands, i m sorry she carolannpeacock.comuld climate tell me about later.

Anyway, fumbles and kisses happened on a couple of occasions, however nothing more.

Then I found out that she’d been messaging an old carolannpeacock.comlleague top top the dreaded on facebook (which she kept an enig from me) and also was phone call him sometimes (again in secret).

Then she went out with among her girlfriends and also arranged to meet up through this various other guy later on in the evening. This really wouldn’t have been a trouble if I’d known around it beforehand!

Apparently, they’d remained in touch for around four months, although ns told nothing happened.

Apparently, she found it hard to ‘click’ through a random stranger in a bar ~ above a one-night basis and also instead opted because that someone she currently knew native a long time ago.

She said me she would have eventually taken points further, however would have actually told me later on that it was simply a one-night thing.

My inquiry is: perform you think this sounds feasible or to be she constantly planning to save it a secret?

carolannpeacock.comleen says

Before I address your wife’s motives, I’d choose to speak that i think she playing through fire on a danger scale.

These one-night stands sound good on paper – your wife have the right to have a sexy liaison and also tell you about it later when you in bed together.

But it’s never that simple. She’s already admitted she find it hard to have actually casual sex without a carolannpeacock.comnnection to someone, which suggests she’s agreed to the totality thing simply to keep you happy.

It’s make her feeling a little worthless so she’s responded to a bit of nice attention from one old friend, i beg your pardon she finds an ext appealing and also romantic 보다 what you offering.

So I’d suggest that if you carolannpeacock.comntinue come play this game, you’re putting your marriage at risk.

Fantasies are an excellent fun. When you’re having actually sex girlfriend can make up a script – you don’t actually need to go out and also do it. It have the right to still be a turn-on.

If you’re determined to carry on with this, then you have to sit down together and set some borders in stone.

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But in my opinion, she doesn’t sound as into it as you want her to be and also she can even fall for who else. Try to carolannpeacock.comme up through other methods to spice points up.