Wood wicks are simpler to get started through than girlfriend think, even if you’re a finish beginner.

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Their elusive and also unique characteristics show up as a challenge for novice candle makers compared to timeless cotton wicks, however they really aren’t when you understand them.

Building lumber wick candle is no terribly various from typical candles. In both cases, friend melt and combust wax through a wick in the center – the only distinction being the wick’s design.

Not that choosing a wick is easy, however incorporating wood wicks adheres to the same process as before.


Use this table together a starting point because that sizing your wicks. There’s always exceptions to the table, together there is through every wick chart.

How To dimension Wood Wicks because that Candle Making

Selecting one Initial Wick

Selecting the ideal wick because that a timber wick candle is a multi-step process:

Find the recommended wick size and type for her wax and also container diameterPrepare and also LABEL her container with the wick from step one, to add containers for wicks one size larger and also one size smaller.For example, if you’re making use of paraffin wax in a 3” container, her recommended wick is a 0.02 x 0.5″ Crackling flat wick (single-ply).You should additionally prep a container for one size up (0.02 x 0.625″) and one dimension down (0.02 x 0.375″)Create a batch with your wax and fragrance oil and also pour right into prepared containers

Conducting A Burn Test

A burn test, or wick test, renders sure the wick meets 2 criteria:

SafetyPerformance (scent throw)

Typically you don’t formally check performance until you lock under a for sure wick, which may require number of rounds that testing.

Testing wooden wick candle is the very same procedure as testing normal cotton wicks v one exception: trim her wick reduced than 1/4″ prior to each burn.

This isn’t a requirement, and it’s technically no in line with ASTM 2417, yet if girlfriend leave wood wicks much longer they tend to burn as well bright and also hot. The right flame is around 1/2” tall.

Repeat the following steps till the candle falls short or is completely used up:

Place all candles you’re trial and error on a flat surface in a room through no breeze spaced 8” apart. Make certain the temperature is between 68°F and also 86°F (20°C come 30°C).Trim every wick to about 1/8″ in height.Light the candles and start a timer for 4 hours. The test need to run for specifically four hours.Every hour throughout the test, if any of the complying with things occur the candle is taken into consideration unsafe and you’ll require a brand-new wick:Outer container temperature is more than 150°FThe container cracks or breaksCandle advice or spillsYou see an ext than one flame every wick (this is called secondary ignition)Wick emits black color smoke constantly or in overabundance of what you comfortable withFlame exceeds 3” heightIf you do it four hours without any type of of the above happening, blow the end the flame and also let the candle sit for 5 to 6 hours to cool back to room temperature before beginning a new test.

Wood wick candle wick designs have to not it is in considered finish until it reaches the finish of life without failing.

Why perform Wood Wicks Crackle?

The natural facet of a wood wick means it has a bunch of plant product in it.

If your wooden wick isn’t crackling, it’s more than likely not legit! sort of like a campfire, they have cellulose trapped in the framework of the wick.

While the burning, cellulose transforms into a gas and tries to escape the wood pores.

But the can’t!

Eventually, the gas expands sufficient to explode native the pore, completely disrupting the cabinet walls and causing a crackling sound.

So many world desire this unique aspect of wooden wicked candles, so knowledge the science behind it enables you to describe it to customers (or yourself) if girlfriend want.

Obtaining a strong crackle counts on a few other factors besides simply the wick. You have the right to increase or decrease the influence by paying fist to:

Wax type. Soy and higher-density waxes have tendency to mute the effect an ext than paraffin and palm.Fragrance oil. Relying on the oil, greater fragrance loads have the right to increase crackle, however the opposite result occasionally happens too. Everything you’re trying to achieve, trial and error will command you in the right direction.


Honestly, timber wicks space cool. If nothing else, they show up to be a boy disruption to classic cotton wick candles.

One much more drawback is lock seem rather inconsistent.

In the candle making community, many world note their inability come produce consistent results from the wicks, citing the material and also quality together the key reasons.

Nonetheless, lock work simply fine most of the time.

The ideal recommendation for starting with castle is come buy the sample kit from The wooden Wick Co. And make a bunch of candles v them! lock actually label each size per the ruler-based measurement.

Some carriers classify them together small, medium, or large, i beg your pardon complicates identifying the really wick she using. You can constantly measure through a ruler, however who has actually time because that that, really?

If she interested in structure a product line through them, store in mind that you desire to trust whatever you’re developing will behave the method you require it to.

Don’t be hasty in her attempt to “have a lumber wick candle” in your shop – safety, performance, and customer satisfaction are incredibly crucial for her brand.

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If you’re making candle from non-The wood Wick Co. Supplies, whatever here uses too.

Wood wicks are a cool disruption to the candle industry and don’t show countless signs of slowing down as demand and candle making an abilities increase!