Due come the sheer variety of Wicca 101 publications on the market, countless newcomers come the Craft discover themselves piecing together their Wiccan education and learning by analysis a chapter from one book, a couple of pages from another. Rather than depending upon snippets of wisdom to develop a new faith, Wicca for Beginners provides a solid structure to Wicca there is no limiting the leader to one heritage or path.

Embracing both the spiritual and also the practical, Wicca for Beginners is a inside wall on the philosophies, culture, and also beliefs behind the religion, without losing the an enig that draws many students to want to learn. Detailing techniques such together grounding, elevating energy, visualization, and also meditation, this publication offers practice for core techniques prior to launching right into more complicated rituals and spellwork.

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Finalist for the Coalition the Visionary sources Award for ideal Wiccan/Pagan Book

\"In her first book-length work, Sabin gift a first-rate, fresh, and thorough addition to the burgeoning field of earth-based spiritual practice volumes...written in a light, informative style that magically mines depth, breadth and brevity.\"—Publishers Weekly (starred review)


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Thea Sabin is a professional editor and also writer whose work has showed up in many publications, both pagan and also non-pagan, and is a former newspaper astrology columnist. A practicing Wiccan due to the fact that her teens, the author received formal training in a British classic path and also currently she and also her husband run a coven that the very same tradition. Sabin stop a Masters degree in Education, is an avid essential gardener and also lover the Hong Kong gangster movies. She renders her residence in the Pacific Northwest.

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Recently mine husband and also I saw a coffee home to fulfill a guy who was interested in ending up being a college student in our Wiccan research group. Like many Wiccans that lead teaching groups, we always arrange because that our very first meeting through a seeker-someone searching for his or she spiritual path-to it is in in a public place, for everyone\"s safety and comfort. End tea, us asked the seeker why he wanted Wiccan training. We ask everyone that talks come us around training this question. If lock tell us they are searching for a nature-based religion, a path of self-empowerment, a way to commune v deity, or something along those lines, we proceed the conversation. If they tell united state they want to hex your ex-lovers, brew cauldrons full of toxicity stuff, make others fall in love with them, worship the devil, or paris on broomsticks, us tell castle they\"re the end of luck and also politely suggest that they seek out a therapist.

When we asked the inquiry of this seeker, the told us around how he had searched because that information around Wicca in books and also on the Internet, attended public Wiccan rituals, and visited metaphysical bookstores, but there was so lot information obtainable on the topic the he wasn\"t sure what to be Wicca and what was not. That was also at a loss about how to separate the spiritual stuff from the rest. Together he placed it, \"I know there\"s obtained to it is in a religion in over there somewhere.\" He decided to uncover a teacher to assist him kind it every out.

It was easy to recognize why he was confused. During the last numerous years, Wicca and magic have actually stormed the American pop society scene. We\"ve to be watching Bewitched for rather a while, yet Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the harry Potter films, The mr of the Rings, Charmed, and also Buffy the Vampire Slayer have actually spurred a brand-new wave that seekers, in spite of the truth that many of this shows and also films have precious small to do with actual Wicca. It\"s obtained to the allude where someone has actually coined the term \"Generation Hex\" for all of the adolescents and twenty-somethings who have actually been turn on come Wicca through the current magical media blitz. There are much more Wicca books on the sector than ever, and much more than 6,000 Wicca-related web sites on the Internet. There room Wiccan radio shows, Wiccan umbrella organizations, and also state-certified Wiccan churches. And also there\"s even an enig Spells Barbie, complete with glittery costume, cauldron, and \"magic\" powder. Okay, technically she\"s not Wiccan, however she certainly contributes come the confusion.

With all of this sudden popularity, you\"d think the Wicca and also magic had finally made it right into the mainstream. For better or worse, this isn\"t true. The Wicca media glut has actually only given people more false, confusing, and contradictory ideas around what Wicca is. Return it\"s probable that much more people are acquainted with the word \"Wicca\" than ever before, over there is no cohesive, accurate photo of Wiccans in pop culture. Many thanks to films and also prime-time television, Wiccans may have \"graduated\"from the green-faced hag through the pointy hat to sexy women v navel rings in scanty garments who help others through their \"powers,\" however this is not a more accurate portrayal (there space plenty of masculine Wiccans, because that one thing), and it\"s not an improvement.

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Even Wiccans get confused around what Wicca is sometimes. In the Wiccan community there is a lot of conversation (okay, arguing) about what renders a Wiccan. I\"m not going to jump right into that fray here. Instead, I want this book to offer you a broad-based understanding of Wicca for this reason you deserve to decide what the reality is for yourself.

Table of Contents


Acknowledgments, vii

1What\"s Wicca? . . . 1

2Some straightforward Wiccan Principles and also Ethics . . . 21

3Fundamental Wiccan Tools: Energy, Visualization, Grounding, and also Shielding . . . 41

4Trance, Meditation, and also Pathworking . . . 65

5The Circle: A Wiccan\"s Sacred space . . . 89

6The four Elements and the four Quarters . . . 99

7Getting to understand the Wiccan gods . . . 117

8Tools, Toys, and also Altars . . . 137

9Wiccan Holidays and also the Wheel of the Year . . . 155

10Putting it Together: making use of What You\"ve Learned . . . 177

11So You\"re Curious around Magic . . . 195

12Where carry out I walk from Here? . . . 215

Further Reading, 243

Index, 253

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Finalist for the Coalition of Visionary sources Award for finest Wiccan/Pagan Book

\"In her an initial book-length work, Sabin presents a first-rate, fresh, and thorough addition to the burgeoning ar of earth-based spiritual exercise volumes...written in a light, informative format that magically mines depth, breadth and brevity.\"—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

\"Highly encourage for every public libraries.\"—Library Journal

\"Practicality and common feeling are the tricks to Ms. Sabin\"s approach...Her presentation is fair and balanced reflecting both political parties of concerns such together eclectic versus timeless (easy to carry out as she has actually stood ~ above both sides); publicly versus private (ditto); and solitary versus team (again, ditto). This book is one that i am proud to recommend to the brand-new seekers the end there.Overall, this is fantastic book; among the best in current memory.\"—Mike Gleason