Helen is feeling sad after having a bad day. Jen notices that somepoint is wrong and also supplies the expression "why the lengthy face?" She then tries to cheer Helen up by telling her a negative joke.

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Jen: Hi I"m Jennifer and also I"m waiting for Helen. I did view her in the carolannpeacock.comrridor earlier, and she was looking a little bit unhappy. Wait, below she is. Hi Helen!Helen: Hi Jen. Jen: What"s the matter, Helen? Why the long face? Helen: What"s wrong through my face? Jen: Nothing"s wrong via your challenge, except that it looks a little upcarolannpeacock.comllection.Helen: But you simply sassist I"ve acquired a lengthy face.Jen: No – what I shelp was…Helen: You think I"ve acquired a starray carolannpeacock.comnfront. I KNEW I shouldn"t have actually worn my hair choose this this day.Jen: No, I asked you: "Why the long face?" Helen: Is it my nose? Is it also big? Or probably my chin is the wrong form. Maybe I should simply wear a bag over my head!Jen: No, no, no – that"s not what I meant! First of all, you look LOVELY now. Helen: OK… So what did you mean? Jen: In English, the expression "why the long face?" is supplied as an informal means of asking someone what"s wrong if they look upset. Helen: So there"s nothing wrong with my face? Jen: No, tright here isn"t. Let"s hear some examples of the expression in usage.

You"ve simply obtained a brand-new project, a brand-new home and a new man – you must be happy! Why the lengthy face? Hey tbelow, do not look so sad! Why the long face?

Helen: So "why the lengthy face?" is just one more means of asking "what"s the matter?"Jen: Exactly. You can additionally say "what"s up?" Helen: That"s incredibly straightforward – you might say "what"s wrong?" too.Jen: So what IS wrong? Why carry out you look so miserable? Helen: I"ve just had a really negative day – every little thing has actually gone wrong. First I shed my vehicle keys, then I was late for a meeting and I dropped over and also tripped and landed in a puddle on my way. It was a horrible day.Jen: It sounds awful. I understand, just how around I tell you a joke to cheer you up – you"ll favor this one. Helen: OK, why not. Let"s hear it. Jen: A steed walks right into a bar. The barman says: "why the lengthy face?" Helen: So the steed was unhappy? What"s funny around that?Jen: The barman says to the equine "Why the long face?" Helen: Why would certainly a equine be in a bar?Jen: It does not issue – it"s a joke. It"s a horse so the barman says "Why the lengthy face?"Helen: I do not understand.

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Jen: Well, the equine has a long challenge.Helen: So it"s unhappy? Jen: No, well, yes, yet that"s the joke. Horses have lengthy faces. Helen: So why did it go right into the bar again…?