~ the latest upgrade (or a really recent one if no the latest; basically it verified up at some time leading as much as or including Version 47.0.2526.111 (64-bit), which is what is currently running), the Chrome symbol is mirroring a character one in the bottom-right corner (see photo below). This doesn"t appear to exchange mail to downloads, as I"ve clearing the download list on both profiles. It additionally doesn"t show up to exchange mail to profile, together the circle with a 1 in it doesn"t correspond v either the the file (I came throughout an post stating that the pizza symbol that had displayed up because that someone was matching to the user), and it doesn"t adjust based on energetic window.

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Does anyone know what this is for?




The number represents energetic downloads...

Those if you have a transfer pending (or paused, or probably corrupted), it may not present up in the download list, however it"s quiet "active".

Click the Chrome icon, and also choose "quit", if you have any kind of pending/active/paused downloads, the will market you a possibility to cancel or continue them. Cancel them, departure Chrome, and also the number overlay have to go away.

For more info/discussion perhaps inspect out this Google groups posting.


There space some applications/websites the don"t usage the google download function. I had the exact same issue... Quit Chrome (confirmed download cancellation). Climate remembered the I had used Whatsapp internet on mine Mac on a big video then never ever seemed to end up downloading. I deserve to recreate the Number in the Dock symbol by reclicking ~ above the Whatsapp video... No worries


Sometimes downloads room suspended since Chrome has actually deemed the website "suspicious." this suspended downloads are noted as not complete so a number will pop increase on the symbol showing how plenty of downloads space not complete.

You deserve to see all your downloads by picking Window -> Downloads. You"ll watch something prefer this:


In my case Chrome thinks that Tumblr is a dangerous website and has rely downloading picture from there.

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If you desire to proceed downloading the file, click on Keep (and confirm as soon as the popup asks you come verify), otherwise click Discard to remove the file from the download list. This need to take care of the distracting numbers in your icon.


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