Bettas get their coloring from their genes. There are so many various kinds of bettas that breeders deserve to create just around any type of shade you deserve to think of. But simply because your betta has the genes for bideal, beautiful colors doesn’t suppose it’s constantly going to look that way.

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A few points have the right to reason a betta to lose its color and some are much more serious than others. Knowing how to treat these things keeps your betta healthy and balanced and also bideal and beautiful.

Understanding About Betta Fish Color

Betta fish coloring is a lot even more complicated than you can think. There are so many type of ranges and also they come in a variety of colors and patterns. But it all boils down to 4 layers of shade cells.

Eincredibly betta uncovered in a pet save has actually four layers of shade cells: an iridescent top layer, babsence layer, red layer, and also bottom yellow layer. Eexceptionally betta has a various hereditary code that rises or decreases the pigments in these cells and also wright here they are located.

The optimal iridescent layer controls how a lot blue appears in the betta’s coloring. They deserve to be turquoise, steel blue, imperial blue, or even have a total absence of blue which affects their coloring in an completely various way. This layer also affects the metallic look on the surchallenge of the fish.

The babsence layer have the right to appear in many methods – a cream body with red uncover or solid red or black. Certain genes eliminate the black pigment altogether. Depending on exactly how the gene expresses itself, this layer can be pastel, iridescent, or deeply saturated.

Next off is the red layer. These genes regulate the lack of red and also various expressions of the color, consisting of red or variegated fins or a totally red betta. Different trends are feasible, too.

Finally, the bottom yellow layer which doesn’t really have actually the majority of genetic expressions. In reality, a yellow betta is only yellow bereason the other layers are expressed with no pigment.

Of course, this all has to do with the genetic coloring of betta. Tbelow are ecological components that have the right to cause transforms, too.

Why is my Betta Fish Losing Color?

Tbelow are several reasons why a betta fish could be shedding color. The many prevalent are age, condition, and also tension. What is resulting in the trouble can generally be identified by what exactly is going on via the color change.

Why is my Betta Fish Turning Black?


A betta turning black is not always something to be overly came to around. As we pointed out, bettas have the right to shed their shade because of age and also it’s pretty prevalent for older bettregarding lose their bright coloring and also turn babsence.

Bettas can also turn black due to stress and anxiety. This deserve to happen from huge eco-friendly alters, prefer relocating it to a new tank or adding brand-new tankmates, or from water parameters being off. Too a lot nitrate, nitrite, or even water temperature that’s also high or low deserve to cause stress.

In this situation, correcting the underlying concern should carry your betta’s color back to normal. So, carry out a water test to see if you should make any changes. Adsimply the temperature settings as required. If you deserve to, offer a stressed betta its own habitat or at least provide many areas for it to hide so it feels safe.

Normally, if your betta is otherwise acting normally, eating, and also being as energetic as usual, there’s more than likely nothing to problem around. Check for sources of stress, correct them, and also you must be okay.

That sassist, if the betta stops eating and becomes sluggish or hides for large parts of the day, tbelow might be somepoint even more major going on.

Why is my Betta Fish Turning White?


The difficulty is usually a small even more serious if your betta starts turning white. A few points can reason this so make certain you investigate as some are fairly serious.


We currently discussed stress in regards to your betta transforming babsence however it deserve to reason white color transforms, also. This is particularly true if your betta is light in color.


Ich is a parasitic that reasons white spots on your betta. Other indications of an infection that you can notice are lethargy, shed appetite, and also your betta may start rubbing itself against points in the tank to attempt to remove the parawebsite.

The excellent news is that ich is mainly easy to treat. The easiest thing to carry out is rerelocate the betta and area it in a quarantine tank. This is regularly enough to kill the ich in the main tank as it no much longer has actually anypoint to feed on.

In the meantime, treat the betta via warmth and also salt. Increase the temperature one level eextremely day till the temperature reaches 86 degrees F. Also, include one teaspoon per gallon of water and also execute a 25 percent water readjust every day. This will accelerate the lifespan of the parasite and produce an environment harsh sufficient that it won’t survive.


Have you noticed fluffy white spots on your betta? This is likely a sign of columnaris, a bacterial infection that is rather widespread in bettas. It’s likewise dubbed cotton wool illness bereason of its distinct texture. A betta with columnaris may also have sores or ulcers on their body or fraying fins.

In addition to the white spots, you may also notice fraying fins or sores on their body. This illness can impact every one of the fish in your tank so inspect them all if your betta is component of a neighborhood setting.

If columnaris is not treated, your betta may rotate brvery own or black as it progresses. Treatment before this stage is important. The best alternative is to area your betta in a quarantine tank.

Lower the temperature to around 75 levels which is a small cooler than bettas usually favor. Bacteria favor warmer environments so, by lowering the temperature, you might be able to sluggish dvery own the infection.

Add some aquarium salt – around a teaspoon for eincredibly 5 gallons – and use an antibiotic from the pet save. While you’re treating your betta in the quarantine tank, carry out day-to-day 25 percent water alters in the primary tank to try to get rid of any type of lingering bacteria.

Anchor Worms

Although not prevalent, anchor worms have the right to also reason a betta to turn white, particularly if you newly introduced a new fish to the tank. Anchor worms are pretty easy to identify because they’re very noticeable on your betta. They have the right to obtain to about ¾ inches long and also show up separation at the finish.

If your betta has anchor worms, you’ll probably alert it scraping versus points to attempt to obtain the worms off. This deserve to cause red spots and sores so, if you see these worms, start therapy best ameans.

Treatment is very hand-operated, literally. To rerelocate the worms, you have to actually capture the betta and also remove the worms with tweezers. Get as close to the head of the worm as possible. Work quickly and also offer your betta breaks in the quarantine tank so it can recoup and also catch its breath.

After this, save the betta in the quarantine tank. Add some salt and also attempt a parasite treatment from the pet store.

How to Make Your Betta Fish Colorful?

If you alert that your betta is turning black or white, it’s essential to assess what’s going on and intervene, particularly if you suspect an infection. That sassist, your betta’s shade might simply fade via age. In this instance, there are two points you deserve to carry out to boost the shade.

First, examine the water in the tank. Anypoint that stresses your betta can reason your betta’s colors to fade, including high ammonia levels or temperatures that are also cold or as well hot. You need to also store your betta in a five-gallon tank or bigger to make certain it’s comfortable.

The second thing you can perform to make your betta much more colorful is to make sure you’re feeding it the best food. If you’re using flakes or pelallows, it could not be sufficient. Brine shrimp is a good option bereason the natural pigments enhance the betta’s shade. You deserve to likewise try offering you betta a mashed, cooked pea eincredibly so frequently.


Just bereason your betta was born to have actually bright beautiful colors doesn’t expect it’s constantly going to be that method. Several points deserve to reason a betta’s colors to fade or worse. Knowing what to look for helps you determine the ideal method to relocate forward.

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Sometimes, an easy tweak to the tank or the ideal food deserve to deal with the difficulty. Other times, you might should place your fish in quarantine and also carry out the appropriate treatment.