Smartphones are capable of act so much that we usage them for most of our daily tasks but as with humans, there’s a limit to what we deserve to do prior to the breakdown. Once a phone call hangs, this is the one that has most likely been provided past it’s limit. Your device’s ram, storage room and exactly how you usage it all influence the smooth handling of tasks.

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Also described as phone freezing or phone call crash, the phone hanging trouble is a usual one amongst the smartphones. The call hanging can be brought about by assorted reasons ranging from software to hardware faults. In this post, we will comment on ‘Why your phone keeps hanging up’ and also solutions friend can use to fix it.




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Low ram

A phone v a low ram capacity is only able to operation a number of apps in ~ the exact same time. Using several apps on a low lamb phone usually causes the phone call to cave so often, specifically when you’ve been utilizing it because that a long time.

Low storage

Smartphones have minimal storage capacity and there’s just so lot you can have on your an equipment before it it s okay filled up. Data favor Videos, Games and also Photos take it up a lot of of room on our phones and also sufficient storage space is compelled for her smartphone to process tasks uninterrupted. Using up end 80% of your device’s storage will most likely result in your mobile call hanging or freezing.

Malware apps

Mobile apps that are downloaded from risky sites or resources that room not reliable usually save on computer virus (malware) that is harmful to your phone. These viruses interfere v your phone’s background processes and also eventually causes your phone call to hang up .


continuous usage of your phone while that is heating up reasons your phone come hang and also sometimes restart. A smartphone’s warm should usually be between 35 - 38 celcius, anything higher is abnormal and will cause cell phone hang problem.

Obsolete Software

Outdated software versions can additionally cause her phone to hang. Device softwares are frequently updated to fix bugs that may hinder her phone from operating optimally.

There room various components that can reason your phone come hang and with many of lock being software program related. The tips given below can be provided to deal with your phone call hanging difficulties whether it’s resulted in by inadequate memory or malware apps.


Clear current data

Uninstall suspiciously apps

Applications that are not download from your phone’s default app store typically contain viruses that affects your device’s performance. Uninstall these apps and also restrain from downloading softwares native unreliable resources to avoid malware that influence the performance of your phone.

Use Antivirus

Viruses deserve to be very persistent and also sometimes need Antivirus software program to eliminate them. Walk to your phone’s application store, type ‘antivirus’ in the search bar and also download your preferred antivirus app. Launch the app and also scan your papers to get rid of any kind of virus that may reason your phone come hang.

Avoid hefty games/videos and also using for long periods

Playing games of huge sizes take it up a huge space on her phone’s ram while the is running and also doing this for lengthy periods that time stretches your phone’s capability which results in hanging. Prevent these gamings on phones with tiny rams and also if you have actually to, execute not play because that a long duration of time.

Download & install recent software

Your phone’s software and other apps release updated execution regularly and also these updates typically contain bug fixes that may solve any kind of abnormality you’re enduring with your phone or certain apps. It is recommended that you download and also install mechanism updates for your phone come fix any kind of phone hangingor freezingproblems connected with the previous software application version.

Delete irrelevant files

keeping irrelevant files and also apps take it up storage an are on your phone and your call needs adequate storage to operation smoothly. Delete heavy videos or games on your phone to totally free up space and permit your phone run seamlessly.

Get exterior memory

If her phone’s storage is not huge enough to contain the files you need, friend will most likely have to be deleting papers regularly to save your phone from hanging. To save all your essential files and also still have actually your device running smoothly, get a SD card that can contain all the files you need.

Reset factory settings

If all the over tips execute not work, the is advised the you reset her phone’s software. Additionally known as manufacturing facility reset, this resolve will give your phone’s software a fresh start but ensure you backed up your data so friend don’t lose any type of important information.

Smartphones with more impressive specs are less likely come hang contrasted to spending plan devices with lesser specs. Whichever phone call you’re using, the tips over should resolve your call hanging problem.

Note: please note manufacturing facility reset will certainly delete every the exisisting papers on her phone so you must make a backup of papers firstly before doing so.

Where to fix your phone v hanging problems

If after applying all this tips her phone is quiet hanging, then it should be brought about by one hardware issue. In instances like this, it is advised that you take your phone come a dependable phone fix provider.

See more: Words Ending In Ch - List Of Words Ending With 'Ch' - Itel, Infinix and TECNO’s authorized ~ sales business provider is reliable and also well equipped to fix any fault you can be suffering with her phonehanging or freezing issues. If you’ve tried every the tips given over to fix your hanging phone and they didn’t work, take her phone to any service center close to you to get it fixed.