In some instances, a internet page will scroll through itself as soon as the cursor is placed over the page. On Facebook, this deserve to be much more of a hindrance than a useful feature, together it prevents you from analysis text or looking at exciting content in ~ your own pace.

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Method 4: Report a trouble to Facebook

Method 1: change your pc settings

One point that might aid with auto scrolling on websites, consisting of Facebook, is an altering the settings directly on her computer. Here’s exactly how to carry out it:

Click the Windows icon, and also then pick Control Panel.
Choose the Mouse
option, and also then click on the Wheel tab.
Under upright Scrolling
, choose One display screen at a Time.
Click ~ above Apply
, and also then click OK to save changes.

Method 2: clear cache from her browser

Although a short-lived solution, an additional thing some civilization found helpful is clearing the cache from their browser. Here’s how you can do it as well, in few of the most popular browsers:

Google Chrome – walk to chrome://settings/clearBrowserData. Here, inspect the box beside cache (as well together cookies and browsing history if friend wish) and also then push Clear Data.
Mozilla Firefox
– click the Menu button, and select Options. Here, you will discover the Privacy and also Security panel. In the Cookies and also Site Data section, click Clear Data. Inspect the box alongside cache (as fine as cookie if friend wish) and then press Clear.
– The fastest means to clean cache in Safari is to use the shortcut CMD + ALT + E. This will open up the Clear Caches section, whereby you have the right to delete the collected cache.

Method 3: usage Chrome’s experimental features

If you’re using Google Chrome, the browser likewise has some speculative features the some users found useful when it comes to auto scrolling. Simply follow the steps below to shot it as well:

In the Chrome find bar, form in chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-anchoringNext come Implicit source Scroller, click Enable.

Note: by using any of the speculative features, you might lose several of your searching data or compromise your security, so be cautious.

Method 4: Report a trouble to Facebook

If none of this methods finish up working, you can constantly report your troubles directly to on facebook in the site’s aid section. Hopefully, you will discover your price here, or client support can alternatively aid to fix your auto scrolling issues.

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While there is no straightforward method of stopping Facebook native auto scrolling, among the methods described over might aid to resolve your issues, together they have been report to work-related by various other users.