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After a pretty walk v your lover furry friend, you are relaxing on her couch. You call Maya over and she gives you heat slobbery kisses to your legs. While some might find it gross more than others, you might be curious as to why she’s displaying this kind of behavior. Why does my dog lick my legs? Is there something wrong? Is she trying to tell me something?

Dogs present all kinds of weird behaviors that we may not understand, such together licking your legs, however to them, it is just one of their ways to communicate with their human being counterparts. Understanding the reasons why her dog is act it just helps more solidify the loving bond in between you and your furry friend.

A dog licks her legs due to the fact that she is grooming you. Dog lick themselves as well as other dogs as a kind of cleaning. Other reasons incorporate your dog is do the efforts to show you affection or she simply loves the taste of your legs.

No dogs room alike as they have actually their own distinctive personalities. V that being said, there are numerous reasons why her pooch feeling the need to lick your legs. Listed below are several of the most typical reasons behind her doggie psychology.

Why Does my Dog Lick my Legs?

7. Publication Endorphins

When dogs lick, they experience a “feel good” sensation. Your brains produce and release a hormone well-known as the endol pin that gives them a emotion of pleasure and also comfort. Similarly, our brains release the very same chemical, a emotion of euphoria, after we have an intense workout. Next time once Maya licks, probably she is emotion blissful.

6. Grooming friend

Did girlfriend just end up taking a shower? sometimes your pooch will groom you, by licking her legs, so you room clean and also dry. Canines lick to clean themselves so it’s component of their instinct. Since you are her hooman, she has a sense of duty come clean friend off.

5. Food Crumbs

Look, your valuable furball more than likely smells kibbles indigenous a mile away. It can be straightforward food crumbs the we may not notice are on ours legs and also Maya, v her beloved snout, smells it, because of this she licks. “Mmm..dis iz soo tasties!”

4. You’re essential For Something

She could be trying come tell you that you are necessary or want for something. As discussed earlier, licking is just another method dogs communicate, therefore to acquire their points throughout they lick, or even sometimes paw in ~ you. Maya can be signaling she hungry or requirements to potty. Usually, if her request is not met, it’ll most likely be followed by thin whimpering or those insanely cute puppy-dog eyes that we deserve to not resist. “Can u gib me chimken pweez?”

3. Like The Taste

Another reason deserve to possibly it is in Maya loving exactly how you taste. Did friend just complete working the end or perhaps is sweating? Our human body produces sweat and oil the are quite salty. Your dog more than likely loves the taste, hence licks your legs. “Wuv braided taste!”

2. To get Your Attention

Sometimes, dogs lick her legs due to the fact that they understand by act so, castle will get a reaction indigenous you. You can pet your dog, communicate with her, give her a treat, or just laugh. Every these reactions no only provides her a factor to execute it again but additionally encourages her to execute so. This procedure is actually a kind of training well-known as classical conditioning. Dogs learn to associate your licking to your an answer and together a result, this behavior is formed.

1. Affection

Simply put, your fluffy furball is most most likely licking her leg due to the fact that she loves you! she’s basically giving you dog “kisses”. Her leg is most likely the only easily accessible patch that skin she is able to communicate with at that really moment. If she able come lick her face, she will definitely do it. Dogs are some of the many loyal animals out there and their love is important unconditional. “Wuv you, hooman!”

Should You permit This Behavior?

This licking habits is reasonably harmless. However, if you have actually an open wound, you must refrain native letting Maya lick you since her saliva does contain bacteria. Though really rare, it can cost infections in human beings with dilute immune systems. It is much better to be safe 보다 sorry.

On the upper and lower reversal side, if you space not germaphobic or have actually no open up wounds, licking, as pointed out earlier, doesn’t reason harm. Just make certain that you don’t have any kind of cream or ointments used to the area whereby it is being licked, as they might contain ingredients that could be harmful come the pup.

In the end, even if it is to allow it or not comes down to an individual preference. If girlfriend do select to protect against this behavior, don’t worry, we have actually some advantageous tips on how to do so.

Don’t like It? Here’s exactly how To exactly The Behavior

Not anyone enjoys slobbery dog kisses and also some could find the licking is gaining out of control. However, there are ways to stop the behavior, but it will take time and patience.

We will certainly be making use of a an approach known together operant air conditioning in which canines find out through actions resulting in rewards or punishments.

This training involves ignoring her pup. The course, make certain your dog has no underlying cause for the behavior prior to flat out ignoring her. If that is the case, have your veterinarian inspect her the end to make certain she has actually no clinical problems.

Next time once your pooch decides to lick her legs again, simply overlook her. Nothing show any kind of reaction. Look far or walk to one more room if needed. When the dog understands through licking her leg does not get the reaction (laughs, treats, etc..) she is feather for, she’ll be conditioned versus the licking. Once your furball stop licking, climate you can provide her fist and/or treats. She will begin to learn her actions of not licking will certainly be met v reactions she was hoping to get when licking.

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Nonetheless, just train when she is displaying unwanted licks. Girlfriend don’t desire to completely phase out the action of licking altogether together this have the right to cause major behavioral issues.

For those who sometimes want to receive some lovely doggie kisses, you deserve to do therefore by teaching your fur friend commands. Listed below is a helpful video clip that go you v the process: