I’ve checked out many memes/short articles newly about somebody being in Paris and I am totally out of the loop. I have actually no idea what is going on here. I even heard a boy roughly the age of 15 or 16 ask his friend, “Hey man who’s in Paris?” And then they both laughed and walked amethod. Is this a meme or something?



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answer:Well to put it short

Kanye West put out a song called “N*ggas in Paris” a while earlier and also people have actually began asking other people ‘who was in Paris?’ to attempt to bait them into saying the n-word

Can be funny at times but gets annoying after a while

believed I have to include tright here is a famed quote by Kanye, When asked about the name "its called n#­ggas in paris reason n#­ggas are in paris.

Also, there was a tiktok video that went viral of a white male asking Alexa to play that song and he was trying his ideal to define the song without saying that word.

I've seen a couple of other videos of world trying to get Alexa to play the song.

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The various other day, this dude on a dating application messaged me saying, “Have you been to Paris?” I was super perplexed however believed it can have actually been the opening to a pickup line...I’m black, though, so I hope he wasn’t trying this joke on me lmfao

Huh, I assumed it was a joke about Emily in Paris however alas I wouldn't be surprised if the even more logical answer is human being being racist on the internet.