several of the most outstanding Renaissance authors were Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Nicola Machiavelli or martin Luther.

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that flourished education, literature, art and science. The Renaissance witnessed an flow of brand-new ideas and new practices and left a deep social legacy.

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the Renaissance Was possible thanks to the clinical discoveries, particularly the advancement of J. Gutenberg"s printing press, which allowed the mass manufacturing of books.

that is taken into consideration that the love of the Renaissance began in Florence, Italy, in ~ the start of the fourteenth century. This to be aided by the financial and cultural support the the leading family, surnamed Medici, and later the Vatican.

The Renaissance was literally a"renaissance,"the duration in europe civilization immediately after the center Ages characterized by a tide of interest in studies and also classical values.

for the scholars and also thinkers of that time, it was over all a time of resurgence of timeless learning and wisdom after ~ a long duration of social decline and stagnation.

The most significant writers the the Renaissance

back there were a huge number of famous writers, some excelled by their wonderful work and the affect of their works in the civilization of the fourteenth century.

1 - Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 - 1519)


Leonardo created in little notebooks using his left hand and also a method of writing in winter (the message is composed from best to left).

He regularly painted with his left hand and only appeared to write with his best hand when he want the message to be easily read by others.

His great scientific functions such together the Vitruvian Man, the device gun, the helicoidal screw, the calculator and other contributions, made the a figure of renown during the Renaissance and also in human being history.

scholar presume that Leonardo may have worried that others would certainly steal his ideas and therefore chose to use this kind of writing. He introduced the method of specular writing at that time.

2- Miguel angel (1475-1564)


Miguel point of view is well-known in history for his extraordinary accomplishments in sculpture and also painting, and it is stated that he wanted the physical work connected with both. However, that wrote countless literary works, consisting of letters, diary entries and also poems.

His literary an abilities are most marked in his poetry, i m sorry he composed throughout his lengthy life. Countless of his poems space addressed to both men and women, while his mystical spiritual poems room directed at nobody in particular.

In managing deep emotionally themes, his city is not as ethereal as the of plenty of other poets, as it is possibly a reflection of his artistic inclinations.

3- Nicholas Machiavelli (1469-1527)


Machiavelli to be an Italian writer, historian, diplomat and also humanist. Moving in politics circles, he developed a brand-new branch of political science based on humanistic principles. His biggest work, The Prince, is one exposition the his political machinations.

4- martin Luther (1483-1546)


Leader that the good news Reformation. Young name Luther wrote 95 theses attacking the church, such together criticizing the id that sin could be mitigated by payment money come the church.

young name Luther to be a previous communiqué the the Catholic Church and also was a crucial figure in the brand-new Protestant religion.

5- Petrarch (1304 - 1374)

Francesco Petrarch, born in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy. He to be an Italian scholar, poet and also humanist who poems addressed to Laura, one idealized beloved, contributed to the Renaissance thriving of lyrical poetry.

The inquisitive mental of Petrarch and also the love that the classic authors led him come travel, to visit guys of learning, and to seek monastic libraries for timeless manuscripts. The was thought about the greatest scholar that his time.

6- Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616)


He was a novelist, playwright and Spanish poet, creator of Don Quixote (1605, 1615) and is recognized for being the many important and famous figure in Spanish literature.

His novel Don Quixote has been translated, completely or partially, into much more than 60 languages. The editions continue to be printed regularly, and also the critical discussion that the job-related has ongoing unabated due to the fact that the eighteenth century.

in ~ the same time, as result of its wide representation in art, theater and also cinema, the figures of Don Quixote and also Sancho Panza are probably visually much more familiar than any other imaginary personality in world literature.

Cervantes was a good experimenter. That tried all significant literary genres except the epic.

wilhelm Shakespeare (1564-1616)


wilhelm Shakespeare, likewise spelled Shakspere, well-known as the Bard that Avon or the Swan of Avon. He to be a poet, playwright and also English actor, often referred to as the English national poet and also considered by countless to it is in the best playwright of all time.

Shakespeare occupies a distinct position in people literature. His most renowned works encompass Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night"s Dream and also Hamlet.

various other poets, such as Homer and Dante, and also novelists such as Leo Tolstoy and also Charles Dickens, have actually transcended nationwide boundaries, however the living call of a writer does not compare v that that Shakespeare, who works, composed in the so late sixteenth and also early twentieth century Of the XVII for a tiny repertoire that theater, are now interpreted and also read more frequently and also in an ext countries than ever.

The prophecy of his good contemporary, the poet and playwright Ben Jonson, that Shakespeare"was no of a time, however of eternity,"has been fulfilled.

8- Teresa that Avila (1515-1582)

Teresa de Avila to be a notable religious reformer the the 1500s. Teresa Sánchez was born in the city the Avila in central Spain and did not obtain formal education, return she read much because she was a child.

In 1535, Teresa gotten in the spiritual order of our Lady of mount Carmel (known together the Carmelites) and also in 1562 founded a small convent referred to as San José de Avila.

over there he introduced such reforms together a straightforward lifestyle, devotion come inner prayer and rejection of gyeongju prejudice.

In 1970 she ended up being the an initial woman to receive the location of medical professional of the Church, an honor granted to a select group of spiritual writers.

His 3 most famous works room his autobiography, titled:"Book the his life"; one allegory called"The within Castle"; And"The method of Perfection,"a guide to mental prayer.

9- Pierre de Ronsard (1524-1585)

Born in France, he was a poet and also writer, head that the French renaissance group of poets known as La Pléiade. Ronsard was the youngest son of a noble household in the county of Vendôme.

an illness contracted on an exploration with Princess Madeleine come Edinburgh left him partially deaf, however, his ambitions to be diverted to scholarship and literature.

he learned Greek indigenous the brilliant tutor Jean Dorat, read all the Greek and also Latin poetry then known, and also gained some familiarity v Italian poetry.

It developed a literary school that had by name La Pléiade, and also its objective was to create French city that can be equivalent with the verses of the standard antiquity.

10- Baldassare Castiglione (1478 - 1529)

He was an Italian courtier, diplomat and writer, best known for his dialogue"Il libro del cortegiano"(1528; Libro del Courtier).

boy of a noble family, Castiglione was educated in the humanistic college of Giorgio Merula and also Demetrius Chalcondyles, and also in the court the Ludovico Sforza in Milan.

His good work, stated above, was a great editorial success because that the requirements of the time. It to be written and also read through noble women, consisting of the poet Vittoria Colonna, Isabel de Este, Marquesa de Mantua, and also the author"s mother, and also by men.

In the century ~ its publication, it average one version a year and also was translated into Spanish (1534), French (1537), Latin (1561), and German (1565), in addition to the English variation of Sir thomas Hoby , The Courtyer of counting Baldessar Castilio (1561), and the polishing adaptation the Łukasz Górnicki, Dworzanin polski (1566,"The polishing courtier").

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The publication remains a classic of Italian literature.