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Our lives have adjusted a lot many thanks to technology. Through the advancement of this wonderful concept, several outstanding machines have been produced to carry both comfort and enjoyment to our lives. A standard example is a microwave, a very basic and yet vital piece the kitchen equipment. The is needed in virtually all households because it permits us come cook and also heat cold meals respectively. Truly, microwave ovens space so crucial that having actually them malfunction can reason an uproar in the home. Nobody prepares for days choose this; as soon as microwaves will avoid working. This, however, is met with not much surprise since it is, after all, simply a machine. The one incidence the is most likely to reason a the majority of ruckus is as soon as a microwave refuses to avoid working. That can be incredibly confusing because that many and jarring come all.

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In this article, our emphasis is placed on cases in which ours microwave oven fans don’t avoid working after ~ you’re excellent making usage of them. This is a really common issue throughout brands, hence our research highlights possible causes and solutions for various brands of microwaves.

Main Problem

The microwave pan is a ingredient of microwave ovens that keep your device well ventilated. The pan is supplied to draw air, right into the exhaust duct, via her microwaves vents. The process of drawing air ensures the all the heat, moisture, odour and feasible particulate matter developed by her cooking process is duly expelled.

If her microwave persists also after pushing a stop button, you have to study the microwave door. Is the still open or closed? neglect the old wife’s tale about you acquiring hit by a dose of radiation and also unplug her microwave because that a proper diagnosis.

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If the microwave was still running through the door open, the main difficulty may be through your door interlock switch. The latch of the door of your microwave is to connect to a switch, which allows your microwave come operate once activated. Once the switch it s okay faulty, it can cause your microwave to keep on operating also with the door open, or it can reason the machine not to job-related at all.

The 2nd scenario is when the microwave is still running, yet with the doors closed. In this instance, not even the slamming that the Stop switch will readjust a thing. The problem will most most likely be stemming from the machine’s manage board. It could be that the door switches have actually failed, the manage board isn’t sending out correct shut-off signals as soon as there’s power or the move is merely not shutting turn off the strength as it’s supposed to.

Causes that the Problem

At the occurrence, one can wonder what causes the microwave fan to save working, lengthy after it has actually been turned off. The significant reason lies in the thermostat and its functioning. Once your unit is as well hot, yes sir a integrated thermostat that turns off her vent fan automatically. The fan will not walk off until your microwave documents a cooler temperature, closer to normal. For a while, you could not be able to physically or manually turn your vent fan off. This is completely normal.

There are some instances that also without transforming on your microwave, the vent fan will certainly still operate. The reason for this could be the it’s been collection off by steam. Heavy steam comes about when you cook something on your cooktop. If her cooktop is located listed below the microwave, yes a high possibility that heavy steam from your boiled pasta and also potatoes will be sensed by the thermostat, bring about your pan to jump into operation.

How to deal with it for a GE Microwave Oven

The first brand we will discover solutions come is GE, this is just one of the most usual microwave brand on the market, thanks to its durability and also affordability for the masses. When it comes to the GE microwave, the main culprit is the exhaust pan thermostat. The thermostat turns on the exhaust fan as soon as the senses any kind of heat. The thermostat the the GE microwave is well-known for failing ever so often, and also the more it does, the most likely your pan is to operation constantly. Anytime you conference the issues of fans refusing to go off v a GE microwave, try the following steps;

The very first thing to carry out is come visit the manage room. To execute this, push the ‘control setup’. Alternatively, friend can choose the ‘options’ button which permits the microwave display to enter the setup mode.Next, scroll with the alternatives to the ‘vent fan’ sub-menu. Press the Enter/Start option, and then choose ‘off’.After the turn off button, press the ‘Enter/Start’ switch one more time, and this will turn the vent pan off totally.

How to fix it for a Samsung Microwave Oven

The 2nd brand is Samsung, another outstanding brand the Is known for the modern, highly technological options. There room three significant ways to deal with the fan concern when it pertains to Samsung ovens;

Via the high border thermostat

While your oven is in the heater stage, the high thermostat sends voltage come the stove fan. Her high border thermostats might have one issue, which causes them to keep sending out voltage signal to your oven also after the oven has actually cooled down. In together situations, a multimeter need to be provided in testing the thermostat to determine if it’s at fault. Experts check for continuity, which refers to the presence of a complete path for easy present flow. If it’s uncovered after the test that your thermostat doesn’t have actually a clear path through which electrical energy can flow, it will certainly be ideal to replace it.

Via the oven regulate board

According to all user settings and also sensor inputs, the oven control board the the Samsung microwave attributes relays that help regulate the strength to the broil, bake and also fan circuits. Because this is really rare, that is advised the you examine the stove thermostats before attempting to change the manage board itself.


As your cooktop heats up, it demands the thermostat to send voltage come the stove fan. There space instances as soon as the thermostats quiet send voltage to the cooktop fan long after the oven has actually cooled down, and these instances happen when the thermostat contacts space stuck closed. Choose before, you require the service of a multimeter to recognize if the thermostat is at fault. Again friend will require to inspect for a clear route which permits for electrical present to circulation (continuity).If this is lacking within your thermostat, it means your thermostat is certainly the major cause of her issue. Change it to boost the work of your microwave.

How to solve it for a Frigidaire Microwave Oven

The work of a Fridgidaire microwave is unique. This is since most models duty not just as microwaves but likewise as stovetop hoods. In this instance, the vent fan of her microwave might be rotate on when the cooking range causes one overheating problem. This could go on for a while, through the fan still to run on high without responding come the on/off switches. To deal with this, rotate on the microwave, setup it to a couple of seconds. As soon as the oven is turned off, yes a high chance your pan will revolve itself turn off automatically.

Difference in between vent and fan in a microwave oven

There room varying species of microwave ovens, and also with every new kind comes a distinction in mechanics. Part ovens are referred to as venting microwaves, or microwave ovens through vents, and also those through exhaust fans. These two varieties of microwave still operate with the sole aim of making ours meals warm and tasty, yet they offer various operations, which are highlighted below.

The fan or fan motor in a microwave oven is situated at the rear end of a microwave, closer come its top. Pan are common in over-the-range microwaves, and also they commonly take far contaminants from her kitchen air. They are concerned as extremely efficient, flexible and an effective in operations.

The vent is represented by extremely tiny slits on the body of your microwave. These vents can be uncovered either on the sides or in ~ the bottom of your microwave oven, and also they aim to release contaminants native within your microwave to the atmosphere.

The significant difference between the vent and fan is that contaminated air is driven out by the fan, if the vent permits it to move out of your microwave oven. Both elements work together to certain your stove is in height operating health and wellness at all times.

In some cases, ovens have actually been recognized to run without vents. In together instances, exterior vents are relied on for the straightforward release that contaminants. An externally vented cooktop works largely with a fan. This pan brings in air with your oven’s vents, directing it to an exhaust duct the moves come the exterior of her abode. V the externally vented microwave oven, every heat, moisture and odours generated are sent outside directly.

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Microwaves, similar to all various other appliances, deserve to have worries that alleviate their efficiency. If you ever experience a case in i m sorry your pan or vent won’t revolve off, yes no cause for panic. Shot out several of the procedures outlined in this article, and if it persists, bring in a trained professional for help, as there could be a more serious issue.