Google Shopping added a new area to its data feed format: “Identifier Exists”. This area is mandatory in the US since July 15th and also will certainly be mandatory in various other nations on September 16th.

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A forced area for practice goods

This brand-new attribute was created for shops that offer custom goods without an identifier like GTIN or MPN. Custom products are hand also knitted sweaters or antique furniture or vintage items. The ‘Identifier Exists’ field deserve to be offered to indicate that an identifier does not exist for specific products: Identifier exists = false.


Not required for continuous goods

Everybody else, via ‘normal’ items, will have to enter an identifier choose GTIN or MPN. They carry out not have to add the “Identifier exists” area to their feed - when it is not gave, Google assumes that an identifier exists.

“Identifier exists” is not a straightforward way out for sellers that market continuous assets but forgot to include an identifier to their feed. If an identifier for a given product does exist and ‘Identifier_exist’ area is collection to ‘FALSE’ (so you are "lying" to Google), that product deserve to be banned.


Is MPN or GTIN mandatory?

Yes, for many products you need to have at leastern 2 out of these 3 fields: Brand, MPN and also GTIN, as long as you don’t offer tradition goods. In the words of Google:

Apparel categories: "brand" is forced. Additionally, for the categories listed below, you should submit at least 1 out of "gtin" or "mpn’:"Apparel & Accessories > Shoes""Apparel & Accessories > Clopoint Accesories > Sunglasses""Apparel & Accessories > Handbags, Wallets & Cases > Handbags""Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Watches"Media and software categories: "gtin" is requiredAll various other categories: at leastern 2 of the following 3 identifiers are required: ‘brand’, ‘gtin’, and also ‘mpn’.

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I don’t have actually MPN or GTIN but it does exist

That happens a lot. The best solution is to ask the manufacturers of your assets for all MPNs or GTINs and include them to your shop. If that doesn"t work-related, you’ll gain ameans with mapping MPN from ID; then you’ll make the 2 out of 3, assuming that you carry out have brand also. Read even more about this in Brand also, MPN and GTIN.