I want to ask my friend where he gonna remain this week. You re welcome tcarolannpeacock.com me which complying with sentences are correct.

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Will girlfriend in Taipei this week? will you be in Taipei this week? will you remain in Taipei this week?


The very first sentence is incorrect (it doesn"t have actually a verb), while one of two people of the others might be relying on what you want to say.

Will you be in Taipei this week?

This sentence is the more neutral, only asking if they will be in Taipei at some allude during the week, either because that a long period of time or a brief one. This will work for just about any situation.

Will you continue to be in Taipei this week?

The verb "stay" in this sentence means being in Taipei for a much longer time, the entire week. You have the right to switch out the phrase "this week" because that another details time such as "tomorrow" or "Tuesday" come ask around those time frames instead. This is the more specific question, if you"re wondering around long ax plans.

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If you particularly want to understand if where he is staying, you would ask

Will you stay in Taipei this week?

Your very first example is ungrammatical.

Your second example might be true, that he is "in" Taipei, however he might not "stay" in Taipei.

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