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Which of the following is true the the distribution process?

A)It consists of the physical managing of goods.

B)It includes activities related come the promo of goods and services.

C)The property title continues to be with the distributor even on completion of the transaction.

D)It excludes buying and selling negotiations.

E)Middlemen perform not play a duty in the circulation process

Which that the complying with statements is true about an import-oriented distribution structure?

A)Several independent organ providing functions such as advertising, marketing research, and also financing space a component of this circulation structure.

B)The relationship in between the importer and any middleman is similar to that discovered in a mass-marketing system.

C)The idea the a channel as a chain of intermediaries performing details activities and each marketing to a smaller sized unit in ~ it until the chain get the consumer is common.

D)These distribution systems are regional rather than national in scope.

E)The marketing system develops around the viewpoint of marketing an unlimited supply of goods at short prices to a big number of well-off customers.

D)These circulation systems are neighborhood rather than national in scope.

_____ is a component of the relationship-oriented company philosophy that characterizes Japanese distribution channels.

A)Fast delivery

B)Direct sale



E)Price war


Which the the following statements is true the the Japanese market?

A)Japanese manufacturers space independent the wholesalers.

B)The expenses of Japanese consumer goods are amongst the highest possible in the world.

C)The Japanese circulation structure supports short-lived dealer–supplier relationships.

D)Large stores serve crucial role for Japanese consumers.

E)Japanese consumers favor reduced priced items over an individual service.

B)The costs of Japanese consumer goods are among the highest in the world.

Three auto companies have created a single online site referred to as Covisint ( because that purchasing automotive components from suppliers, i m sorry is meant to save the companies numerous dollars. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is one of these three companies?

A)Toyota motor Corporation

B)Honda engine Company

C)Tata Motors

D)Nissan motor Company

E)Ford motor Company

E)Ford engine Company

Which of the complying with statements is true about retail patterns?

A)Small dominant retailers have the right to be marketed to directly, however there is no adequate method to reach big retailers who take care of a good volume the sales.

B)The extremes in dimension in retailing room drastically various from those that are observed in wholesaling.

C)Selling directly to the consumer is often the strategy of choice in industries with adequate or occurred distribution systems.

D)Retailing shows greater diversity in its framework than walk wholesaling.

E)Direct sales through catalogs have actually not showed to be a an extremely successful way to enter foreign markets

D)Retailing shows higher diversity in its structure than does wholesaling.

The activities in a circulation channel process begin through the _____.







Which the the adhering to is true of certified dealer middlemen?

A)They take title to the merchandise.

B)By using agents, the manufacturer maintains the ideal to establish policy guidelines.

C)They room less controlled by manufacturers 보다 are seller middlemen.

D)They are generally criticized for no representing the finest interests of a manufacturer.

E)They i think the threats of trading.

B)By utilizing agents, the manufacturer maintains the appropriate to develop policy guidelines.

Which that the adhering to statements is true regarding vendor middlemen?

A)They take it title come manufacturers" goods.

B)They are more controllable through manufacturers 보다 agent middlemen.

C)They carry out not i think the risks of trading.

D)They work-related on commission and arrange because that sales in the foreign country.

E)They stand for the finest interests that a manufacturer.

A)They take it title come manufacturers" goods.

Companies no wanting to become immediately associated with the complexities of global marketing will most most likely use the solutions of _____ middlemen.







IKEA, Costco, and also Sears Roebuck are instances of _____.

A)export management companies

B)trading companies

C)export associations

D)global retailers

E)complementary marketers

D)global retailers

Which the the complying with statements is true of an export administration company?

A)It varieties in dimension from 100 come 250 people.

B)It works under the name of the manufacturing firm.

C)It does no have direct responsibility to the parental company.

D)It acts together a middleman for companies willing come involve their own personnel in worldwide functions.

E)It acts together a middleman because that firms through relatively large international volume.

B)It works under the name of the manufacturing firm.

_____ is among the 6 Cs of distribution channel strategy.







Robert wants to export goods manufactured by his agency to a new foreign market. He needs to select a middleman. He discusses the matter with some experienced exporters. Which of the adhering to ways of selecting a middleman are they most most likely to suggest?

A)Speak to the consumer of the product personally to uncover whom they take into consideration to it is in the ideal distributors.

B)Issue a request-for-proposal to every distributors in the target market and evaluate their responses.

C)Consult various other manufacturers of the comparable products and also select the distributor encourage by them.

D)Consult trade organizations and also select the distributor recommended by them.

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E)Conduct a background examine on every the distributors easily accessible in the target market.

A)Speak come the consumers of the product personal to find whom they take into consideration to be the ideal distributors

Which of the adhering to is involved in a physical distribution system?

A)Human accounting


C)Advertising and promotion the goods

D)Grievance handling

E)After sales services


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