Post, callout, and structured snippetsProactivity, callout, and also sitelink extensionsSiteconnect, callout, and also structured snippetsSiteconnect, place, and call extension

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With extensions, you can serve even more prominent and pertinent ads to potential customers. They expand your ad, providing more indevelopment to customers and also giving more reasons to click on it.

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Tbelow are multiple forms of extensions you can select from in Google Ads. A few of them are hand-operated, and some are served automatically.

Google reflects automated extensions once they are most likely to increase ad performance according to their signals.

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Types of automated extensions:

Call extensionsDynamic siteattach extensionsStructured snippet extensionsAutomated place extensionsAffiliate area extensionsSeller ratings extensions


Which ad extensions deserve to serve automatically?

Correct answer: “Siteattach, callout, and also structured snippets”

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