One element of celebrities’ life us don’t have tendency to think about much, is that they were and what they did prior to they stepped into the spotlight.

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They were people just like everyone else, going to the grocery store, avoiding at the bank on the method home, and also doing their constant jobs in order to do ends meet.

And, while many of them got on the bus every morning to head out to their office job, there space a few who had….let’s contact them “more interesting” ways to salary the bills every month.

From expert juggler to stripper, you will do be surprised to know what your favorite actors chose to do in stimulate to make money.

One that the most unexpected but interesting work that come out of the Hollywood elite?

Lion tamer.

You heard the right!

Interested in recognize out that it to be that held that job?

Keep reading to find out.

Which gibbs previously functioned at the circus as a lion tamer?

The answer to this question may surprise you, however the celebrity that worked as a lion tamer was actually Christopher Walken.


GettyWhile girlfriend may recognize Christopher take walk from several of his most renowned movies choose Annie Hall, Batman Returns, and also Pulp Fiction, the actually began his career as a comedian.

He’s likewise been a stage actor, director, and screenwriter.

He to be born in brand-new York in 1943 come a mother who wanted nothing much more than because that her children to it is in famous.

One of 3 siblings, both he and his brothers were placed on the path of stardom as quickly as their mommy was able to by acquisition on tasks as background and also commercial actors locally.

His an initial starring function happened in 1972 as soon as he play the character of James Reese in the science fiction film The happiness Cage.

From there, his prolific job in film and also TV to be launched, acquisition him as much as winning an Oscar for finest Supporting actor (1978) as result of his function in The Deer Hunter.

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Other celebrities’ weird pre-fame jobs

Walken no the only celebrity that has held part pretty unexpected jobs before their Hollywood years.

Here room a few others you can have not recognized about.

Rod Stewart to be a gravedigger. A gravedigger is a human being in charge of digging the feet at the cemetery in i m sorry the caskets will be inserted for burial. Brothers superstar pole Steward perform this job throughout his teenager years to help with a deep-rooted fear of death. He assumed that working so close to the idea of fatality would assist him discover to cope far better with his phobia. Channing Tatum was a stripper. If you’ve viewed Channing Tatum without a shirt, or if you’ve watched his movie, Magic Mike, climate this one might not come together a surprise to you. But, during his younger year living in Florida and after having actually dropped out of college, Channing deserve a living as a stripper named Chan Crawford.Sylvester Stallone was a lion cage cleaner.

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There seems to be a template with animal-related jobs amongst the enlarge Hollywood elite. Stallone, however, didn’t end up functioning at a circus but at the main Park Zoo in brand-new York. His task there to be to make certain the lion’s cages to be clean and tidy. Unanticipated for who who ended up ending up being a legend afterwards in life.

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