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Where is the cacao butter in the grocery store? We"ll assist you find it quick. Below are the aisles come check...


If you"re in a chain supermarket, you deserve to probably skip right to the organic food aisle because that cacao butter (or cocoa butter). It might be with the baking items in the shelf-stable area, or maybe in a cooler.

The second place to check is the baking aisle. If there"s an essential or organic section of this aisle, look there first.

Next, examine the aisle v the oils. It"s feasible that the cacao butter is by the coconut oil or through specialty oils.

Last but not least, look in the supplement aisle. Due to the fact that cacao butter is often considered a superfood, numerous grocery stores will location it with other "superfoods" choose açaí powder and also green flour blends.

If you"re still having actually trouble locating the cacao butter, refer to our store overview below...

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What Stores market Cacao Butter?

Your Local health Food Store - Harder-to-find items prefer cacao butter are regularly sold at independent herbal food stores. Look at in both the refrigerator and the shelf-stable aisles.Whole foodstuffs - whole Foods may stock cacao butter in one of two people the baking aisle or the complement department, however you should absolutely find that there.Ethnic Markets - Ethnic industries may bring cacao butter, so stop in if you"re in the neighborhood.

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Great means to use Cacao Butter

Make vegetable White Chocolate

White cacao is so simple to do vegan that many recipes for homemade white cacao are incidentally plant-based. Friend really simply need the cacao butter, powdered sugar and also vanilla extract. Climate you can make these decadent white cacao peanut butter cups.

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Make vegan Lip Balm

You"ll feel favor a DIY pro as soon as you do your own lip balms. Monitor this recipe because that vegan chai latte-flavored lip balm (yum), or create your very own signature flavor with any food-grade crucial oils of your choosing.

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Make Homemade Chocolate

Just like white chocolate, dark cacao is straightforward to make through cacao butter and a few other ingredients. Make your own baking coco bars, chocolate bark v dried fruit and nuts, cacao sauces—anything her vegan love desires.

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