The _______ ______ for a procedure is composed of all possible simple events or all outcomes the cannot be damaged down any type of further.

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Sample space

The classical approach to probability needs that the outcomes are ____ _____.

Equally likely

A procedure is recurring again and again, the relative frequency of an occasion tends to strategy the actual probability. This is known as _____ _____.

The regulation of large numbers

When utilizing the ______ ____ constantly be mindful to protect against double-counting outcomes.

Addition rule

Events that are ____ cannot occur at the exact same time.


________ suggests the probability the in a solitary trial, event A occurs, occasion B occurs, or they both occur.

P(A or B)

A _______ _____ is any event combining 2 or much more simple events.

Compound event

Which indigenous is associated with multiplication when computing probabilities?


A photo of line segments branching out from one starting point depicting the possible outcomes of a procedure is referred to as a ______ ______.

Tree diagram

Two events A and B are _________ if the occurrence of one go not affect the probability that the event of the other.


Selections made with replacement are considered to be _________.

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"At the very least one" is identical to "_____ __ _____."

One or more

The complement of "at least one" is "_____."


A _______ probability of an occasion is a probability derived with knowledge that some other event has currently occurred.


Any arsenal of results or outcomes that a procedure


An result or an event that can not be further damaged down into much easier components

Simple Event

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