You need to use a fall-arrest system (FAS) that is produced to market standards. Never use single-strap belts and also chest harnesses—they can be deadly. Before hunting, closely read the manufacturer’s accuse for proper use of her FAS and follow all security guidelines.

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Most tree stand falls occur when a hunter is climbing up or under a tree. Constantly use a appropriately fitting FAS that has a full-body harness at all times when your feet space off the ground. This has while rise a tree, installation a tree was standing that uses climbing aids, and also hunting indigenous a tree stand. (When making use of a ladder stand, connect your FAS come the tree and also tighten the tether as quickly as you reach the top of the ladder.)

Essential FAS Components: Make certain your FAS includes these components. Full-Body Harness: The vest exploit is a an extremely effective style of full-body harness. Tether: The tether attaches her full-body exploit to the tree strap/belt or the tree stand safety line system and also has a shock-absorbing feature. Suspension Relief Strap: This strap gives a loop to was standing in if you fall.Additional FAS Components: your FAS also must have added components that you usage to attach yourself come the tree.Lineman’s-Style Belt or climb Belt: The lineman’s-style belt (or climbing belt) goes roughly the tree when you are climbing up and down the tree.Tree Strap/Belt: The tree strap goes roughly the tree after you room in her tree stand.Tree Stand security Line System: The tree stand safety and security line device is an alternate to utilizing a lineman’s-style belt and also a tree strap. When installed on a tree, a tree stand safety line system allows you continue to be attached to the tree through your FAS full-body harness and also tether from the moment you leave the ground till you return. A finish system contains these parts.Safety Rope/Line with Prusik Knot: The rope/line goes about the tree and also extends from the base of the tree to a point at, or above, head level when you are standing ~ above the tree was standing platform. The prusik knot on the rope/line is designed come slide easily with one hand. If you must fall, the knot will tighten approximately the rope/line to save you native falling come the ground.Carabiner: This steel ring associate the tether from your full-body exploit to the prusik node on the security rope/line.

Hunter"s Tip

If you room using her FAS through a tree stand safety and security line system and you space sliding the prusik knot on the rope/line, either slide that or push it from above or below. Never host onto the prusik node while you room going up or down. If you need to fall and are holding ~ above the knot, it can not tighten roughly the rope/line to prevent your fall.

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