Beautycon LA return to the Los Angeles Convention center for a 2nd year to bring you the can be fried IRL suffer of all things beauty and also pop-culture related! and it's not going to it is in one, but TWO days.Come through to obtain some significant beauty swag, attend inspiring panel discussions, suffer art installations, pop-up shops and more. Our Beautycon festival attendees come with each other as a ar to connect with your favorite brands, content creators, celebrities and also artists to challenge traditional beauty beauty and cultural norms in a safe and also inclusive space.

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General admission Single-Day: $49.99General join Two-Day: $79.99Access to all makeup and lifestyle brands, main stage panels,tutorialsand music!Hauler Package: $249.9910:00amearly entrance, enabling you come 2 hrs of hassle cost-free shopping with shorter lines.A VIP tote bag filled v product and restricted edition merchandise.Social Package: $349.9911:00amearly entrance, allowing you one hour that hassle complimentary shopping with much shorter lines.Get exclusive access to the social Lounge.Access come allprogrammedmeet-ups through your favourite beauty curators and also influencers.Sweets and treats galore (Make your own sundae bar, Beautycon liquid bar!)VIP dead bag filled through product and limited edition merchandise.Beauty Academy: $549.999:00amearly entrance, allowing you three hours of hassle free shopping with much shorter lines.Access to the indict Lounge - watch live beauty beauty tutorials on phase with her favorite beauty beauty brands and artists while you gain to recreate the looks yourself through your own personal vanity station! BONUS: You acquire to keep all the products!Hors D’oeuvres & Beautycon Signature Cocktails.VIP tote bag filled with product and restricted edition was + an to exclude, Beautycon robe!

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Need a place to stay? We obtained you!

Beautycon has actually secured a discounted room rate for eight different hotels in the area. To take benefit of the discounted price you must book by July 10th or before rooms offer out. Rates are valid August 10, 2017 - respectable 14, 2017! book your room today by click the linkhere!

Stay the Night

Stay the Night in ~ L.A. LIVE through a distinct hotel package that includes overnight accommodations at JW Marriott Los Angeles, L.A. LIVE, breakfast for two, and complimentary valet parking.

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*Based upon availability. Blackout dates may apply.

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Practice social distancing v these takeout and delivery options in DTLA!



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