Naruto: 7 characters Who Deserved To die (& 7 that Should have Lived) Anime Naruto has actually no shortage of personality death. Few of them deserved it... And also some deserved to live.

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Naruto Haku Orochimaru Jiraiya Hidan
prefer every anime series, Naruto had moments the made the fans tear up and also several other moments which make them annoyed. There is a huge number of characters in the Naruto universe and also obviously, there room both great and bad characters that the fans like.

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Even though the collection is perfect now, countless fans feel that some characters deserved to have actually a much better ending to your story and that they should have continued living on rather of part villainous characters. In this post, we will take a look at at five Naruto personalities who deserved to die and also five characters who should have actually lived.

Updated ~ above November 9th, 2020 by josh Davison: Naruto listed a the majority of heroism and also heartbreak end the course of the series. Numerous lovable characters perished fighting back versus the tides the chaos and villainy. Other an ext hated figures got to development their malignant agenda for much too long prior to being punished. A couple of rather revolting shinobi even regulated to make it through all the means through come Boruto. However, there are still others that deserve to be comment upon and also recognized--whether because that deserving a kinder fate or deserving the brutal fate lock received. It"s time to dive ago into this list with another two personalities who deserved to die and also two more that deserved to live.

Madara taking in Naruto's Rasenshuriken through His Rinnegan
If there is a figure in every one of Naruto who deserved to have actually their minute of win brutally snatched from them, it to be Madara Uchiha. He wrought untold devastation and also misery ~ above the world all to offer his distorted pursuit for "peace." He was able to unlock the Rinnegan, unleash the power of the Ten-Tailed Beast, and also everything appeared to be comes up Madara. Regrettably for him, he to be toying with pressures he didn"t rather understand and also was betrayed by Zetsu in order come bring about the resurrection the Kaguya. Madara was a brutal and vicious warmonger and also earned the fate that received.

Konan lies top top the opposite finish of the spectrum native the previously mentioned Madara in numerous ways. She was an orphan of war and amongst the victims of ambitious powerbrokers favor Madara. She lost a lover childhood girlfriend in Yahiko and ultimately join up with Nagato"s crusade come strike ago at the world that took so lot from them. Ultimately, Konan thought she was on a crusade of peace as well, as she nor Nagato knew that the pressures they were really serving. In the end, Konan thought she was honoring the storage of a dead friend, and also she deserved an ext than to it is in brutally cut down as she was.

Kabuto in boruto
Kabuto Yakushi is a number who committed some pretty acts in the company of Orochimaru and helped collection the stage for the Fourth an excellent Shinobi war by unleashing the Edo Tensei. Kabuto was a brutal and also sadistic operator, but he had his "true identity" revived by Itachi Uchiha in the chaos that the Fourth great Shinobi War. In a way, the knevish Kabuto died then--but there is the question regarding whether the knevish Kabuto to be the "true Kabuto." He shed his storage at together a young period that the villainous Kabuto has had an ext time to build his identity and also has far better claim at being Kabuto. What we"re dancing roughly here is the Itachi perhaps should have just pulled the plug on the Kabuto Yakushi altogether. He got to live while others died in pain and also fear.

11 DESERVED come LIVE: Haku

one more orphan the war and chaos, the young Haku was taken in by the brutal killer recognized as Zabuza Momochi. Zabuza came to be a father figure for Haku and also helped teach the young shinobi to protect himself. However, both Zabuza and Haku came to be pawns in the machinations the the crimelord Gato and were put on a colission course v Kakashi Hatake and also Team 7. In the end, Haku sacrificed self to conserve Zabuza indigenous Kakashi"s Lightning Blade. Haku definitely deserved a much better fate and also a longer life, yet fate and also the powers the be verified to it is in far an ext cruel than that.

Danzo Shimura is just one of the many hated characters in the series. He was responsible for many tragedies in Naruto. The pan hated him many for the pain he led to to Itachi Uchiha. Danzo forced to Itachi to death his whole clan. He also took one of Shisui"s eyes and also implanted the in his arm. Danzo"s crime don"t finish there. He additionally caused difficulties for the Amegakure orphans. That lied to Hanzo which led to Yahiko sacrifice himself and thus, it result in the creation of Pain.

9 DESERVED to LIVE: Minato and also Kushina

Minato and also Kushina were the parents of Naruto Uzumaki. They were really caring people. Minato was the 4th Hokage the the concealed Leaf. Kushina was one of the couple of remaining members of the Uzumaki clan. She was brought to surprise Leaf in stimulate to become the jinchuriki the the Nine-Tails. Minato and Kushina married each other and on the very day that Naruto was born both of lock sacrificed us in stimulate to defend the covert Leaf and their son. It is one of the biggest tragedies that a child is separated from his parents.

black Zetsu was the manifestation the Kaguya"s will. That was developed during the time when Kaguya to be sealed by her 2 sons. Zetsu to be responsible because that stirring up a feud in between Hagoromo"s sons Indra and Asura.

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The feud in between them lasted for several generations and also it was only finished when Naruto and Sasuke made peace with every other. Zetsu produced problems because that so numerous people and countless people lost your lives because of him.

7 DESERVED come LIVE: Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha"s whole life was filled through sadness. He had to do the sordid project of death his whole clan which additionally included his family members members. The was required by Danzo to finish the rebellion that the Uchiha clan. Itachi had no other an option but come oblige. However, he couldn"t carry himself to kill his younger brother, Sasuke. Itachi ended up being a rogue ninja and even ~ that, the looked after ~ the village. Once he lastly died, he tried to protect his brothers from Obito by planting Amaterasu in his eye.

Orochimaru is a member of the legendary Sannin, which had actually Jiraiya and Tsunade together its other members. Orochimaru is an inherent genius and also he has actually created countless successful experiments. Hiruzen was considering him for the duty of the fourth Hokage, yet when he discovered out around Orochimaru, he chased him out of the village. Orochimaru is responsible for leading hidden Sand"s invasion. He likewise killed Hiruzen Sarutobi.

5 DESERVED come LIVE: Neji Hyuga

Neji is just one of the many loved personalities in the series. He was born in the Branch Family, because of which a seal was inserted on his forehead. Neji had to suffer a lot of just since of the seal.

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It wasn"t until he combated Naruto the he realized he might still select his own destiny. Neji to be talented and he ended up being Jonin after the time-skip. However, the met one untimely fatality during the Fourth great Ninja War. His fatality was completely unnecessary and also he should have stayed alive.

Hidan was a rogue ninja indigenous Yugakure. He join the Akatsuki after leaving the village. Hidan venerated a deity named Jashin, which allowed him to come to be immortal. Hidan offered to sacrifice people to Jashin in exchange because that immortality. Hidan was a sadist and also he loved to inflict pains on his opponents. He would torture his opponents in the many sick and sordid method possible. Once Hidan and also Kakuzu were on their means to the concealed Leaf, they come up against Asuma and also co. Hidan killed Asuma in a grotesque manner.

3 DESERVED come LIVE: Obito Uchiha

Obito was presumed to be dead throughout the Third great Ninja battle after a cave had fell down on peak of him. He was a member of Minato"s team. Obito has done a lot of of poor things after gift manipulated by Zetsu and Madara. Obito was naive and believed in their plan of unlimited Tsukuyomi. Obito took obligation for actions during the Fourth good Ninja. The atoned because that his guilty by saving Naruto and then he likewise sacrificed self to protect all of them. Obito likewise helped Sakura to look because that Sasuke ~ he had actually been sent out to among Kaguya"s dimensions.

Rasa to be the dad of Gaara. He was the 4th Kazekage that the covert Sand. Rasa was a fairly powerful shinobi and he own the magnet release kekkei genkai. With his magnet release, Rasa had the ability to manipulate gold dust. Rasa could have been a good leader, yet he definitely wasn"t a an excellent father. Rasa rotate his own son into a monster and wanted to usage him as a weapon against the concealed Leaf Village, but prior to he can see the an outcome of his setup he was murdered by Orochimaru.

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1 DESERVED to LIVE: Jiraiya

The last character on the list is Jiraiya. He was one of the legend Sannin. Jiraiya had the highest level the espionage skills. That would constantly give his every for the services of his village. Jiraiya even warned Tsunade, whom he loved an extremely much, that he would eliminate her if she resulted in the surprise Leaf any type of problem. The was also a an excellent mentor and he taught Naruto a most things. Jiraiya set his life under in order to figure out the mystery of the Six courses of Pain. He can have conveniently escaped, yet Jiraiya believed of his student and what impression it would have actually his mind. It just goes to display how honorable that was also in his death.

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