People in love — on behalf of English majors and also book lovers anywhere — please sheight using this Wuthering Heights quote to explain the depth of your passion and also romance:

Whatever before our souls are made of, his and also mine are the very same.

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Here are 4 reasons this quote, in addition to Heathcliff and Catherine’s relationship, is NOT romantic:

One // Incest

Heathcliff and also Catherine are exceptionally most likely half siblings.

Even if you don’t believe/agree with the — albeit little — evidence that they are biologically connected, they were raised together as brvarious other and sister.

In the 1800s, regulations prohibited embraced children, foster kids, or any youngsters elevated together from marrying one one more, and also Brontë’s 1ninth century readers would certainly recognize that. Thunstable the eyes of the regulation, Heathcliff and also Catherine were siblings.

Either means — organic or societal — it’s pretty incestuous.

Two // Codependent

Color Heathcliff and also Catherine codependent.

They both desire to be each other. Catherine states, “He’s more myself than I am.” At one suggest, she claims she is Heathcliff. After Catherine’s death, Heathcliff literally and desperately wants his body to be joined through hers, so they deserve to decreate together. That is not romantic, and it is not sexual. It is, however, unhealthy codependence.

If all else periburned, and he stayed, I should still proceed to be; and also if all else continued to be, and also he were annihilated, the universe would certainly turn to a mighty stranger.

See: codependency.

Three // Toxic

Not just was their connection codependent, it was violent, toxic, and obsessive. In some respects, they also idolize one one more.

Catherine threa10s to haunt Heathcliff and also drive him their common doom, and also figured out to precise revenge on his regarded injustice, Heathcliff ruins everyone’s life approximately him (consisting of Catherine’s very own daughter).

Spurned by jealousy and also fits of rage, these 2 have a classically and dangerously toxic link. They don’t want each other, however they don’t want anyone else to have actually them either. Maybe it’s born out of their isolation, loneliness, and/or social ambition, but whatever the reason, theirs is a terrible connection.

Four // Platonic

Despite their damaging toxicity, Catherine and Heathcliff are soul mates. They belong together yet not as lovers. It’s an idolized, obsessive connection. As this Bustle post explains:

They strive to transcfinish the boundaries of huguy subjectivity and also physicality — to become somepoint that is various other and also just them. Their relationship in the novel is stvariety and also fascinating, however it’s not love.

Tright here is zero indication that Catherine or Heathcliff have romantic, sexual chemisattempt. They aren’t physically attracted to one one more like Catherine is to Edgar Linton (the male she marries), and given that she is pregnant and dies after providing birth, we, as readers, recognize Catherine has had actually sex.

In reality, if you analyze this story from a historic lens (which is necessary because mores, morals, and day-to-day living was different), a modern-day audience can much better understand also that Victorian-era audiences thought about the “opposites attract” preeminence to be the epitome of romantic love.

… Since he’s even more myself than I am. Whatever before our souls are made of, his and also mine are the very same, and is as different as a moonbeam from lightning, or frost from fire.

Heathcliff and Catherine are the same; therefore, theirs is a platonic love, while Catherine and Linton are opposites and also therefore more symbolic of Victorian-era romantic love.

Catherine says:

I am Heathcliff. He’s constantly, always in my mind: not as a pleasure, any more than I am always a pleacertain to myself, but as my very own being.

And that, straight from the horse’s mouth, carries the weight of the point: this is not a romance. Catherine and also Heathcliff, though connected by their souls, have actually an eerily incestuous, deeply codependent, dangerously toxic, and (at times) hostilely platonic partnership.

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The just factor we take into consideration Wuthering Heights a romance is bereason of moody film adaptations and negative high school English teachers. So, I plead with you all, the betrothed, married, and also stupid-in-love couples of the world, please sheight using this quote to define your connection.